Harris talks about spring, QB competition

Jacory Harris has completed his first week of practice as a Miami Hurricane. The 2 time state champion and 2 time All-State QB caught about with CanesTime.com to talk about his first week.

Q: How was your first week or practice?
A: The whole week was good. We made some big plays and were solid throughout the week. We are just doing the things we have to do to get better.

Q: How far have you come along since high school?
A: The coaches mess with us a little about it. They say that these guys have not even been to the high school prom yet and they already know all the plays. I see myself as a college student now and high school is in the past.

Q: How does it feel to be a Hurricane?
A: It is very special because to know that I am a part of a tradition like this is something I have always wanted to be a part of. Even though I considered other schools, UM was always in my heart. I grew up a Cane and it is always something that I wanted to be.

Q: How anxious are you guys about turning this team around?
A: We are all very hungry to win. We want to come out and win the national title this year. As freshmen, we come in early in the morning and work hard and do what our coaches ask us to do.

Q: With Robert Marve having a year of experience over you is it is a long shot for you to win this job?
A: Right now it is a just a competition. The coaches are giving us a fair shot. Marve is a special player and it is fun competing versus him. Right now I am doing everything I can to get that job.

Q: How different is it now that you walk into a practice and everyone is big?
A: It is real different. Allen Bailey impressed me the most. He is like 290 pounds and has 0 percent body fat. Things like that are amazing. In high school I saw big guys though. Marcus and my offensive line were all big guys. We also played against a lot of big guys. Now I see the high school guys as smaller than me even though I am still skinny.

Q: How is it being one of the skinniest guys out here?
A: I know I have to put on more weight, but I joke around with everybody about it. I look at them and say I am skinny but you still can't beat me. Me and Jermaine McKenzie are the skinny guys here and we have fun with it. We have fun with and dance around and stuff like that.

Q: What type of stuff does Coach Nix tell you?
A: He just tells us to keep reading our playbook. He tells us to know the playbook and have fun out there and we will be ok.

Q: How has Aldarius looked so far?
A: He has looked fine. He knows all his plays. He is a big part of this team already. He is making a lot of plays.

Q: How have the coaches been so far?
A: I did not think that the coaches would be this cool. They are real cool with you throughout practice and in the weight room. In high school it was the same way, but I thought in college they would be more intense and mean. The coaches are fun though. They come out here and play back with you as long as you do what you are supposed to be doing.

Q: What are the coaches' reactions if one of the quarterbacks throws an interception?
A: All we have to do is explain to them why we made that decision. As long as we give a good enough answer they are ok. Normally it is something like our read took us there and we just made a bad throw. The coaches do not really worry about that stuff. They just tell us to put it in the back of our minds and don't worry about it anymore.

Q: What are your expectations for this team knowing that none of the QBs have taken a snap?
A: We will make sure we have a winning season. Just because we do not have experience does not mean we do not know what we are doing. The quarterbacks and freshmen have all been in tough spots in high school and we know what we have to do. Just playing at Miami is enough pressure, we will be fine in games.

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