DVD wants to get his swagger back

DeMarcus Van Dyke was back on the football field on Tuesday, after spending the first week of spring drills finishing up his freshman track season. CanesTime.com caught up with the talented corner to talk about a variety of things.

Q: How was your first day?
A: It was tough at first, but I adjusted and it went good at the end. I had to take my visor off because I was not used to it. I am in track shape not football shape. You do not have to back pedal and stop on a dime. It was just a matter of getting used to it.

Q: How did the ACC track championships go?
A: I ran the 60 and 200 meter races. I was the only freshman to make it to the finals in 60 meters. I finished 7th or 8th in the finals. I did not qualify in the 200.

Q: How was your experience running track in college?
A: It was a good experience to run track in college. It was fun going to North Carolina for a big track meet and it helps me get faster and more flexible.

Q: How was the practice today?
A: Today went well. Our mentality was to beat the offense. We did 7 on 7s, 3rd and 1s, and goalline sets. I had two pass break ups today.

Q: How did the DBs look today?
A: We did well. We had 3 interceptions that I can remember. JoJo, Chavez, and Tervaris all had one.

Q: Why did you decide to change your number?
A: I wore number 8 in high school. I wanted to get my high school swagger back.

Q: How does the new defense look?
A: I like the scheme. There are a lot of zone defenses. We play a lot of zone/man. We are really mixing it up. Coach Young is a good coach and this year should be interesting.

Q: How does the defense make up for the departures of guys like Kenny Phillips, Willie Cooper, and Glenn Sharpe?
A: Randy Phillips has looked great at safety so far. All our safeties are great players and they will step up. We won't miss a beat.

Q: How did the corners look today and what are you thought about the depth at the position?
A: Me and Bruce came back today and really helped out. We let some safeties go back to their natural spots. Chavez is excellent in the zone. He had two picks today. Carlos Armour has been doing well also. Brandon Harris should help a lot also.

Q: What are your goals for this spring?
A: I was already back with the 1s today at the end of practice. I want to start and make big plays. I just want to help the team win and get batter. I want to get the scheme down and get my technique better.

Q: How do you guys deal with being such a young team?
A: We are young, but we are always in the film room. We play like veterans. Having Aldarius Johnson, Sean Spence, and Marcus Forston come in early is going to help a lot. They will help us in the fall.

Q: How did the QBs look today?
A: They look like they have been playing as college quarterbacks a long time. Marve has a live arm. He can scramble and make plays. Cannon is a great QB and Jacory can just pick you apart.

Q: How did the wide receivers look?
A: They looked good. Hankerson can kill you with the fade route in the end zone. Jermaine is a Roscoe Parrish type player. He is very quick. Aldarius is like Andre Johnson. He is just a beast. Sam Shields is a burner and Kayne can do it all.

Q: What is your weight right now?
A: I am at 178 pounds. I was about 175 pounds last year. I am comfortable with my current weight. I can still add some more weight though.

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