Smith: No INT's so far this spring

Cannon Smith is enjoying a strong spring so far and caught up with him to talk about how things are going in his eyes.

Q: How was your first week?
A: We have just been out here working on the little things every day. We are coming together as a team. We are not settling for a mediocre season. We are out here trying to be the best.

Q: How have things changed since the first day?
A: I think everyone knows what is expected of them. Things are going a lot more smoothly. We are getting from drill to drill faster.

Q: How have you been playing so far?
A: I am trying to get all the little things down. I had a few run plays that I opened up the wrong way. I am just trying to get a good grasp on the offense. I feel that it is coming along well.

Q: Is Miami a big difference from prep school?
A: It definitely is. The offense is more complex. The coaches expect more form you and the players are all stars.

Q: How are the coaches different here?
A: They expect a lot more from you. This is the University of Miami you are expected to do things. You are not going to get a pat on the back for making a good throw or a right read that is what you are supposed to do.

Q: How are the receivers?
A: They look great. It is a full stable of WRs. We have it all. We have big strong guys who can move the chains. We have speed guys that can score at any time. We also have guys that can do both.

Q: Your name gets left out of the QB discussion at times. Does that bother you?
A: It does not bother me. I come out here and do my job every day. I can not worry about things I can not control. I just come out here and do the best I can everyday to get that starting job.

Q: How do the coaches react when an interception is thrown?
A: I have not thrown an interception this spring yet. Hopefully, I will not know that answer for a while longer.

Q: How have the rotations been?
A: It has been different every day. Last week we all got even reps. The last couple of days coaches have been switching it up. The coaches are putting us in different situations and seeing how we react.

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