Stoutland talks about progress of OL

Second year offensive Line coach Jeff Stoutland took some time to talk with about how the line is progressing. Read on to see what he had to say.

Q: Reggie Youngblood was a highly rated recruit when he came here and there were very high expectations for him. How has he developed coming into his senior year? Is he ready for having a signature year?
A: "I think he is. He's very serious now. A lot more serious than when I first came here in terms of knowing his stuff. He's an intelligent football player and he looks a lot better. Lower body wise he looks a lot better. He looks stronger. You now when guys get stronger they can move quicker, they can change direction faster and they're more explosive. That part of his game has improved.

Q: He said that earlier in his career that he would take a play off every now and then. Did he do that last year?
A: "He doesn't do that anymore. I had issues with him on that. You're not going to play if you're going to do that. I won't stand for that. You're not going to do that to your teammates. As long as you presented it that way to him, he understood. You know, when you're the hot shot at your high school, a lot of times you get away with a lot of stuff. It's different here and he accepted that. He played hard, really hard. Some games, he came off the field and he had nothing left. He had never been in that part of the zone before. He understands what it takes now. He's grown up a lot."

Q: How has Chris Barney developed?
A: "The first stage with Barney is to get himself in shape. I like players that can move you know. That can change direction and be explosive. Barney's been in that mold that ‘Okay, I've got to go through a transformation. This coach wants me to be a certain type.' And he's done that. It took him a while but he's lost a lot of weight. He's put himself in a position where he can contend. That's what we're evaluating right now. He worked with the ones today. Here's your chance. We'll watch you on film with the ones. Can you play next year or not? Here it is. You've been here a long time. We're giving you the opportunity now. Are you going to cash in on it? It's on film and we're evaluating it. I like his intelligence. He's smart. Very smart. Very smart. Very deceiving that guy. He still has a ways to go but I like what he's done. He's changed a lot. He's lost 45 pounds.

Q: How's Tyler Horn doing?
A: "He's still young but he's shown spurts. I'm happy with him."

Q: Do you think Jason Fox is a first round talent?
A: "Don't ask me that question with the guys I'm coaching right now. The last thing that I want to have happen with any player that I coach, and it happens, I've seen it. They're getting into their junior or senior year and start thinking about that stuff. And it's because you guys are writing it. It's the last thing a guy has to think about because that's when it starts to go like that (thumbs down). I've watched it go like that a lot. That part of it, I won't even go near that because I don't think that something that I should discuss with anybody and I won't discuss it with him until he's done."

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