Play-by-Play from Scrimmage

The Canes scrimmaged for the first time on Thursday and was there for every play. Read on for the play-by-play of the entire scrimmage!

1st Drive: Canes in a Spread Formation

1-&-10 35- Marve completes a 9 yards pass to Sam Shields on the right side of the field.

2-&-1 44- Marve with a 9 yard QB keeper for a first down.

1-&-10 opp 47-Marve fits in a 5 yard pass to Sam Shields.

2-&-5 opp 42-Javarris James with a one yard run. Tackle was made by Glenn Cook. Offsides on the defense

2&-Inches opp-37 Derron Thomas stuffed for no gain by Antonio Dixon.

3-&-1 opp 38- Marve completes a swing pass on the left side to Cooper who jukes Glenn Cook for a 6 yard gain.

1-&-10 opp 32- A screen pass is thrown to Kayne and he takes it for a gain of 4.

2-&-6 opp 27- Offides on the defense

2-&-1 opp 22- Marve scrambles and is blown dead for no gain. He would have gotten the first down easily in a real game.

3-&-1 opp 22- Kayne catches a 7 yard pass on the right side. JJ was in the slot on this play. Cooper was in the backfield.

1-&-10 opp 15- Cooper with a 6 yard run to the right side.

2-&-3 opp 9- James makes to juke moves and cuts across the field for a 9 yard touchdown. Matt Bosher converts the extra point.

*Chris Ivory is the new long snapper. Matt Perrelli is still the holder.

2nd Drive Canes in a Spread Formation

1-&-10 35- Jacory Harris is in at QB. He completes a 4 yard pass on the left side to Aldarius Johnson. The crowd gives a loud ovation.

2-&-6 39- Harris to AJ on the right side again. This time the pass is good for 8 yards.

1-&-10 47- Harris is stopped for no gain.

2-&-10 47- Harris throws a dart to Kayne for a 17 yard completion.

1-&-10 opp 36- Harris goes to Kayne again on the right side. Gain of 11 on this play.

1-&-10 opp 25- Harris is stopped for a loss of 1.

2-&-11 opp 26- McNeal is stopped after a gain of 3.

3-&-8 opp 23- Harris misses a wide open Hill at the 10-yard line

4-&-8 opp 23- Walk-On kicker Alex Uribe misses a 40 yard field goal. The ball hit the outside of the left goalpost.

*The Canes once again featured the two RB formation. This time with Thomas in the slot and McNeal in the backfield.

3rd Drive Canes in a Spread Formation

1-&-10 35- Harris is still in. The ball is pitched to McNeal who gets thrown own by Randy Phillips for no gain.

2-&-10 35- Harris completes a 7 yard pass to Ryan Hill. Arthur Brown makes the tackle.

3-&-3 42- Harris runs around for a few seconds till he finds an open Leonard Hankerson for a 15 yard gain.

1-&-10 opp 43- Harris makes a bad decision and the ball is almost picked off by Chavez Grant and JoJo Nicholas.

4th Drive Miami is still in a Spread

1-&-10 35- Marve throws a 35 yard pass right into the hands of Farquarson, but he can not come up with it.

2-&-10 35- Robert Marve completes a 5 yards pass to Aldarius Johnson on the left side. Van Dyke with the tackle.

3-&-5 40- Marve scrambles up the middle and is blown dead after a 4 yard gain. There was not really anyone near him and the refs should not have blown the play dead.

5th Drive Miami in an I-Formation

1-&-10 35- Marve completes a 7 yard pass over the middle to Javarris James.

2-&-3 42- Cooper takes a handoff for one yard.

3-&-2 43- Cooper runs up the middle for a one yard gain. He was stopped by a group of Miami defenders, including Daryl Sharpton who put the finishing hit on Cooper.

6th Drive Miami goes back to the Spread

1-&-10 35- Marve completes a 7 yard pass to James, who is stopped by Reddick and Sharpton

*Forston and DVD are in with the first team defense.

2-&-3 42- Marve hits Hankerson for a quick 4 yard gain.

1-&-10 46- The ball is pitched to Cooper, who gets stuffed for a 5 yard loss by Sean Spence.

2-&-15 41- Incomplete pass as Marve tried to complete a 20 yard pass to Sam Shields.

3-&-15 41- Marve throws a screen pass to Hankerson who drags defenders for a 15 yard gain.

4-&-inches opp 45- The coaches call a timeout. The Canes throw a play-action bomb to Sam Shields. DVD breaks up the pass attempt.

7th Drive Cannon Smith is in and Miami is in the Spread

1-&-10 35- Handoff to McNeal for a gain of 3.

2-&-7 38- 6 yard pass completed to John Calhoun. Calhoun trips, when he would have had an easy first down.

3-&-1 42- Randy Phillips falls down on the play and Smith finds a wide open Richard Gordon who takes it 48 yards before he is stopped by Bruce Johnson.

*Damien Berry is playing nickel corner on this drive.

1-&-10 opp 8- False start on the offense.

1-&-15 opp 13- Smith throws a floater that is almost picked off by Bruce Johnson.

2-&-15 opp 13- Smith drops the snap and Ojomo comes in for the fumble recovery.

* Miami centers have had trouble snapping the ball throughout the night. The last snap was fine though.

8th Drive Smith is still in and Miami is in the spread

1-&-10 35- Derron Thomas can not handle a short pass and the ball is tipped up. Bruce Johnson almost came away with the ball again.

2-&-10 35- Chambers is stuffed by Antonio Dixon for a gain of a yard.

3-&-9 37- Handoff to Chambers who is stuffed by Marcus Forston for no gain.

9th Drive Cannon Smith under center

1-&-10 35- Chambers has a 6 yard run, before being stopped by Ojomo.

2-&-4 41- Chambers trips after a gain of 3.

3-&-1 44- Chambers is stuffed by Marcus Forston for no gain. The ref said he got the first, but the coaches disagreed.

10th Drive Jacory Harris under center

1-&-10 35- McNeal runs up the middle for a gain of 2, before being stopped by Bailey.

2-&-8 37- Bailey annihilates McNeal for a loss of 4.

3-&-12 33- Harris dumps it off to McNeal for a gain of 6.

11th Drive Harris in the spread

1-&-10 35- McNeal is stopped on a screen pass by Antonio Dixon after a gain of two.

2-&-8 37- Bailey sacks Harris for a loss of 12.

3-&-20 25- False start on the OL.

3-&-25 20- Shannon skips a snap to Harris, who dives on the ball.

12th drive Harris is under center

1-&-10 35- Handoff to Cooper as he takes it for a gain of six.

2-&-4 41- Harris throws a 3 yard pass to Gordon who is immediately stopped by Sean Spence.

3-&-1 44- Harris misses an open Patrick Hill a little high.

4-&-1 44- Miami goes for it and Cooper runs for a 5 yard gain.

* Miami goes back into the spread after the Cooper run.

1-&-10 49- The Canes send a zone blitz and Adkins, Sharpton, and Bailey meet at the QB.

2-&-19 40- Screen pass to Aldarius Johnson, who is stopped for a loss of 4 by Sean Spence and Marcus Forston.

3-&-23 36- Harris completes a 8 yard pass to Khalil Jones.

13th Drive Marve in the spread

1-&-10 35- Offsides on the first play.

1-&-5 40- Derron Thomas gets a 6 yard gain on the left side, before being stopped by Jared Campbell.

1-&-10 46- Kayne Farquharson is wide open for a 40 yard pass, but the ball is under thrown by Marve. JoJo Nicholas was the man who got beat.

2-&-10 46- Marve completes a 6 yard pass to Ryan Hill, who gets thrown down by Arthur Brown.

3-&-4 opp 48- Marve scrambles for a gain of 4.

1-&-10 opp 44- Marve attempts a long pass to Sam Shields. Carlos Armour had good coverage, but Shields still could have caught it.

2-&-10 opp 44- Marve completes a 12 yard pass to Derron Thomas.

1-&-10 opp 32- Marve is sacked by Joe Joseph for a loss of 6.

2-&-16 opp 38- Spence stops a Lee Chambers run for a loss of 3.

3-&-19 opp 41- Shotgun. Marve hits Jones over the middle for a gain of 14.

4-&-5 opp 27- Wieclaw nails a 44-yard field goal

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