Shannon: QB's did a great job

The Canes are on a break from spring football following Thursday's scrimmage. Randy Shannon talked about that event from Thursday night.

Opening Statement

"We made some plays on offense and we moved the ball. We have to score more points though. I was pleased that we were able to make a field goal. We hit about a 45 yarder, which was a real positive. The defense was giving up yards early, but they did not break. They responded later and made some plays. The receivers did a fair job of catching the ball and we have some guys that can make you miss, which is good to see. Quarterback play was pretty good. We gave up too many sacks, but those things happen in early scrimmages. For the most past, the QBs played well and we were happy with the first scrimmage."

Q: Early it looked like you were trying to air it out. Were you trying to work on timing and stuff like that?
A: No. We were just trying to get the quarterbacks in a rhythm. The short passing game, hitches, and passing to the backs help get the quarterback in a rhythm. Once the QB gets in a rhythm it is easy for him to adjust to the game.

Q: What did you think of the quarterback play?
A: All the quarterbacks played well. They all moved the ball and managed the game well. They all did a great job today.

Q: What do you think of how some of the young guys performed?
A: It was great to see. Aldarius Johnson made some plays tonight and got a couple of first downs. The young running backs did a nice job. Joel Figueroa blocked well. Sean Spence made a lot of plays and we were thrilled about his play.

Q: Were you pleased with all the completions today?
A: We had a lot of completions throughout the scrimmage. We gave up too many sacks though. If we give our quarterbacks time, we will move the ball. We did a good job with the short passing game.

Q: What did you think of Allen Bailey's play?
A: He made some plays today. Him and Marcus Forston did a good job of pressuring the QB. We were pleased with them, because those guys are going to play next year.

Q: What did you think of the bad snaps today?
A: We had some bad snaps. It was not just one guy it was all of them. We had some low balls and some balls were skipped and that is something we have to fix.

Q: Are you happy with the attitude of this team?
A: I like the way we are playing. We are showing a lot of enthusiasm.

Q: Where there any restrictions on play calling today?
A: There were no restrictions. It was a free for all. We were not worried about what we would show the public. We just went out there and played.

Q: What did you think of the crowd tonight?
A: It was great enthusiasm. I played at Traz Powell when I was young and the crowd is always great. Mr. Wilcox did a good job announcing and the crowd was great the whole night.

*He also mentioned that McKenzie was questionable to return this spring.

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