McNeal: The game has slowed down

Shawnbrey McNeal was one of many potent running backs last season for the Hurricanes. caught up with the speedy running back to see how things were going this spring.

Q: How was practice today?
A: "It was pretty good. We had a new system in today. I think we handled that pretty well. We got a lot more work to do."

Q: Did anyone make any big plays out there?
A: "Everybody is basically doing their job, putting their own sense into the game, and making the team better."

Q: What did you think about the scrimmage at Traz Powell Stadium?
A: "The scrimmage was fun. We got a lot of young guys in. They kind of got the feel of the game, how the speed is going to be and got a little comfortable out there."

Q: Was it good to have a week off to rest your body?
A: "Kind of. We came back and had to restructure the offense a little bit. The week off was pretty good though."

Q: How has the offense progressed since the beginning of spring practice?
A: "The chemistry has gotten a whole lot better. Everybody is basically on the same page with the same mindset. We're doing pretty good."

Q: How have the running backs been splitting the reps in practice?
A: "It's on the coach. Whoever he calls is who is in. It's random."

Q: What are you expectations for your second year of college football?
A: "Get better than last year. That's everybody's main focus. Get better than you were the year before."

Q: How have things changed since you got to Miami ?
A: "The game has slowed down a whole lot and I understand my role on this team."

Q: What is your role on this team?
A: "Do what I do best. Run the ball, block, run routes. Basically do what I can to make the team better."

Q: Are you still on kick returns like last year?
A: "Yes. There's like six of us right now so you never know who is going to be back there. We rotate. Me and Ryan (Hill) are main guys. Then you've got Demarcus Van Dyke, Damien Berry, Lee Chambers, Chavez Grant, Jermaine McKenzie, and Aldarius Johnson."

Q: How has the offensive line looked so far?
A: "Our line is blocking great. They're protecting us, getting the job done, and making the team better."

Q: Spring football only lasts a couple of weeks. How anxious are you guys to get going in the fall?
A: "Everybody is very anxious to see how the season is going to turn out. We're just working and waiting and working and waiting."

Q: What do you guys need to do to turn it around from last season?
A: "Work. That's basically it. Just work."

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