Smith talks about scrimmage, progress

Freshman Cannon Smith is one of three quarterbacks competing for the starting job at the University of Miami . talked to Smith about how spring practice has been going.

Q: There were some issues with the snaps at the Traz Powell scrimmage. What happened there?
A: "There were some issues. I should have handled that snap though. I'm not going to put that on my center. It was a manageable snap. A screen play was called and I think I was a bit more focused on getting the ball in and out of my hands. Before I got it into my hands, I was taking the ball up. There was one that bounced too but we've got to help our centers out. We've got to make sure we're at our proper depth when we're in shotgun."

Q: How have the centers improved since the scrimmage?
A: "They're doing great. They had great snaps all day today. We did a few things in the scrimmage that didn't help them out much. We've got to stay constant in our depth in shotgun. We got a little too deep on a few. There were a few snaps that we could've handled a little bit better but I think they're improving and doing a good job."

Q: What did the coaches tell you about the scrimmage?
A: "I thought that they overall were happy with us in the way that we moved the ball but we've got to make more points. We had some nice drives. That one with the fumbled snap, we were at the 9 or 8 yard line, and it killed the drive. At worst, that would've been an easy chip shot field goal. We just can't have that. We've got to come up with more points when we get in the red zone."

Q: Do you think you showed what you can do in the scrimmage?
A: "Not at all. I had limited opportunities but at the same time, I need to do a better job of really showing what I can do with the opportunities that I do have. I don't think anybody got to see what I'm really about."

Q: It seemed like you had fewer snaps than the other two quarterbacks? Did that bother you?
A: "We were doing sets of twelve and I took one set of twelve and I think attempted four passes. I can't control that but like I said, I need to do a better job with the opportunities that I do get. I don't think anyone here has seen what I really got yet but hopefully I'll get a chance to show them."

Q: Are you still getting a good shot in practices?
A: "Yeah I am. We're rotating and at the end of practice today we were working on third down conversions and we all got equal reps. It was the first time doing our no huddle offense. We had a few communication problems but overall I think we're really picking it up quick."

Q: Last time we spoke, you said you had yet to throw and interception. Is that still the case?
A: "That's still the case."

Q: How would you grade your overall progress here?
A: "I think it's been good. I think I still have got room to improve. I really think overall, I've been learning well and everything's been good but I've got more in me an di hope to be showing it here."

Q: You and Robert Marve are considered to be short quarterbacks. Is your height an issue for you guys?
A: "Not really. It doesn't matter how tall you are because we've got lineman that are 6'8". You've still got to find your throwing lanes. You're not going to throw it over a 6'8" offensive tackle because you'll hit him in the back of the head. You've still got to find your lanes and I don't think it hurts me or Marve very much. I don't see it as a big problem."

Q: You had four attempts last scrimmage. Did the coaches promise you some more attempts in the next scrimmage?
A: "No we don't do things like that. He doesn't promise us anything. It's just situational. It's what they want to do and what they're trying to see. I don't know what to expect for next scrimmage. I could throw the ball twenty times or I could throw it twice. I'm not really sure. Whenever I get in there, I'm going to do my best and make the best of my opportunity.

Q: You had the longest completion of the scrimmage. How did it feel to see Richard Gordon running down the field like that?
A: "It was nice. When I saw the defense bust I got a little excited. I just made sure I got the ball right to him. I threw it into his body because I didn't want to over throw him or anything like that."

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