Bailey feeling comfortable at D-End

Allen Bailey had an impressive performance at the Traz Powell scrimmage. The newly converted defensive end was continually getting to the quarterback and made big hits on anyone who got near him. caught up with Bailey to get his thoughts on the spring so far.

Q: What did you think of your performance at the scrimmage?
A: "Too many mistakes. I've got to learn from the mistakes. There were too many busts and too many mental errors."

Q: You were still able to get to the quarterback pretty well though right?
A: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I was just hustling, getting around, going 100 miles per hour."

Q: Last time we spoke, you said you still had to learn some moves. Have you learned any since then?
A: "Yea I've learned to use my speed and kind of a rip move where you like dip your shoulder and lean. I can also bull rush."

Q: How comfortable are you now at defensive end?
A: "I'm about 85 or 90 percent comfortable. I'm getting there. I'm pretty comfortable right now."

Q: You put a big hit on one of the backs during the scrimmage. Did it feel good to lay a hit like that?
A: "That was Shawnbrey (McNeal). It feels good you know after that hit everybody kind of got pumped up and started playing a little faster."

Q: As a defensive line, do you feel that you're coming together?
A: "I think were feeding off each other and coming together both as a team and as a line."

Q: What's the toughest part of your adjustment to defensive end?
A: "Right now, probably trying not to always bull rush and learning how to read blocks. At linebacker, I was like five to seven yards back so it was easier to make the reads."

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