Marve: "We are striving to be perfect"

Robert Marve took some time to talk to the media following Tuesday's first practice back from spring break. He talked about a lot of things surrounding the team so you don't want to miss this!

Q: How was spring break?
A: Spring break was nice. It is good to get back out here though. It is good to finally get to throw again and get my foot work down for the rest of the spring.

Q: What did you think about the first scrimmage?
A: I think the scrimmage was good. The excitement is back at the University of Miami . You judge these things as a team effort and I thought we did a good job.

Q: What did the coaches have to say about the scrimmage?
A: Obviously, you can keep better everywhere. We are striving to be perfect. We do not want to see one incomplete pass or one broken play. I thought it went great. We all hustled and were trying to make plays. I saw a lot of improvement.

Q: How was the experience of finally being able to go out there and play in front of fans?
A: It was definitely different to go to a scrimmage and see so many people. It was nice to be part of the U and getting the different colors on my back. It felt good and it felt like the community had our back and hopefully we will be there for them.

Q: How was the experience for you?
A: It is definitely a different experience. It was my first time out there really playing football in front of a crowd here. It was my first chance to be part of the University of Miami in that type of setting

Q: How would you describe your ability to scramble and playing smoothly?
A: That is just part of my game. I do not want to sound big or anything but that is kind of what I did in high school. It feels good to be back and my feet and just trying to make plays out there. I thought I saw the field well.

Q: How are the early enrollees developing?
A: They are definitely developing fast. To see freshmen come out here and play like they have been is pretty remarkable. The thing is though, I do not care if it is freshmen or seniors getting it done though, I just want to win.

Q: You and Kayne just missed hooking up on two deep passes in the scrimmage. What was your reaction to those plays?
A: He dropped one and I missed him on another one. We laughed about it a little bit. We came out here and worked on it a little bit during spring break. Deep balls is more timing than anything and we will hit them it is just a matter of timing.

Q: Do you sense the deep ball and big plays are coming back to the University of Miami ?
A: Definitely. The way the offensive line is giving me time to throw and is letting all of us sit in the pocket we are going to make big plays. We are very comfortable in those guys protecting us.

Q: What are your thoughts on a possible QB rotation?
A: It does not matter if all 3 of us play, I can promise you that. I just want to win games and have fun with the team.

Q: Is there any added pressure with the QB competition knowing how there have been so many struggles at that position the last couple of years?
A: There is pressure at the quarterback position at any school. They brought us here to make plays and that is what we are going to do.

Q: How frustrating was having to sit out last year?
A: It was not too frustrating. It was learning process and did not bother me that much. The only thing that mattered to me was that I was not able to help the team win.

Q: How much do you guys hear from the ex-Canes about getting this program back to where it used to be?
A: That is the cool thing about Miami , We always have big name guys around. Jonathan Vilma and Edge talk to us about how when they played they dominated. They do not try to boss you around or anything like that; they just tell you how they went about things.

Q: How do you guys try to get this program back?
A: It is a team thing. We just have to get back the feeling of a family. We have to go out there and swing and fight as one. This is not about a family.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge so far?
A: Just getting the playbook down and getting familiar with the guys on the field. It is just a matter of getting comfortable on the field and with game speed. The scrimmage was a faster tempo than anything we had done in practice.

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