3/19 Practice Report

The 'Canes were in full pads (offense orange/defense white) today for Wednesday's practice. According to some players, the first team offense performed well, but the second team had some problems today. The defense 'won' the drills at the end of practice, resulting in the offense having to run after practice.

Here are some observations from the end of practice:

McCarthy Out

-Contrary to reports yesterday, Colin McCarthy is not 100% according to Coach Shannon and is not available for interviews after practice despite requests from several reporters. We did not see McCarthy out there after practice. Coach Shannon says he is out for the rest of the spring.

Runningback Duo Runs after Practice

-Redshirt freshman Lee Chambers and sophomore Shawnbrey McNeal ran gassers/did drills well past the end of traffic. I can't be sure whether or not they were being punished, but at the end of it they couldn't even stand up. Shawnbrey in particular looked like he was ready to lose his lunch and could barely even talk. Regardless of why they were running after practice, suffice to say they worked very hard.

Linebackers Do Catch Drills

-Several of the linebackers did catching drills with the jugs machine after practice, including but not limited to Arthur Brown, Glenn Cook, Romeo Davis, and Kylan Robinson.

Fullbacks On the Sled

-Patrick Hill and John Calhoun spent a good amount of practice by themselves just hitting the sled. They were out on the far end of the field just pounding away at that thing like it was a Gator linebacker. It's definitely going to be interesting to see how the fullbacks are used this season.

Shannon Quotes:

-"Today we had some situational stuff and we did pretty well, we had some goal line stuff, some real physical parts of practice. I'm kind of pleased with everything and everyone is doing fine. The quarterbacks are doing pretty well right now. Everything is going well. This is spring football. You have to keep doing things to get better each day. If you get better each day you'll be ok."

-"Yesterday practice wasn't as crisp at all, but today it was a lot better so it went well."

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