Forston making the right adjustments

Marcus Forston is having an excellent first spring as a Hurricane. He's had to make several adjustments and caught up with him after practice on Wednesday to talk about everything.

Q: How was practice today?
A: Practice went well today. We shook of the rust from the break. The defense played well. We one at the end of practice in an offense vs. defense 10 play drill. Adewale Ojomo played great today.

Q: How was the experience of your first scrimmage at Miami ?
A: It was big to get out in front of those fans again. There was a lot of blue and gold in the stands. There were guys that I had not seen since 9th grade and I appreciate that they are still out there supporting us. They could have been home or at work, but they choose to come see us play.

Q: How special was it that every time one of the Northwestern guys made a play that the crowd went crazy?
A: It was just like the old times. Sean and me were in the backfield like we used to be at Traz. Seeing Aldarius catching passes and Jacory reading the defense was just like it used to be. It was a really cool experience.

Q: How has the transition to college football been so far?
A: I would say I have already gotten better. I still have a lot of work to do though. I am mediocre right now. I would not say I am top-notch yet. I still have a lot of things I need to get better at.

Q: What things do you need to get better at?
A: I just need to learn how to use my hands more. In high school, I was just able to run past guys because they were scarred of me or I could just use one rip. Now guys are bigger or faster than me. Now I have to use my hands and be aggressive on every play. The size and talent of the other players is by far the biggest adjustments.

Q: What have been the biggest differences between your attitude now and the first couple of days?
A: I am a lot more vocal now. Guys like Reggie Youngblood, Orlando Franklin and Chris Barney wanted me to start talking more. I am doing that now. I was so tired after the first few practices that I just kept my mouth shut, but now that guys asked me to be more vocal I am doing that.

Q: What are your thoughts on Coach Young's defense?
A: He flat out knows what he is talking about. When you are in meetings he picks up on things that you would never notice or stuff that you did not even know existed. We have a lot of trust in him because of that. When he first came in and talked about changing the defense, the guys looked at him like he was crazy. Now the guys see the things he is trying to do on defense and we notice he is helping bring the University of Miami.

Q: With the amount of youth on this team is it realistic for this team to be rebuilt quickly?
A: We can bring it back soon. As long as we all do our roles we will be fine. If we follow our assignments we will be more than fine.

Q: You and the rest of your teammates talk about the importance of chemistry in football. How important is it to build that family atmosphere here?
A: We have to be willing to jump on a grenade for each other. We have to have that kind of bond. At Northwestern we were a family and we have to do that here. The guys are getting closer now. We are going to the beach and to cookouts together to build that bond.

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