Kayne making things happen

Kayne Farquharson is a senior leader among the Miami receiving corps. CanesTime.com spoke with the wide receiver to see how his spring was going.

Q: What happened today in practice?
A: "A lot of big plays on offense, defense even on special teams. There were a couple touchdowns but it's just practice you know. We don't think too much about that."

Q: You made some plays in the Traz Powell scrimmage. Were you pleased with your performance?
A: "Yea I made some plays but I didn't make the one I wanted to make."

Q: What happened on the deep pass you dropped?
A: "I lost the ball. The ball hit my hands and my eyes were still in the air."

Q: What did you think of the young quarterbacks?
A: "I couldn't tell they were young quarterbacks. If they don't show me their ID, I'd think they were adults. I talked to both Robert and Jacory when they were coming in. I'm good friends with both of them. I'd see Jacory a lot and I played last year with Marve so I'm pretty attached to both of them. They're good athletes with great arms and bright futures. Cannon is a great quarterback also. He has a bright future and a strong arm and he's accurate."

Q: What would the response have been had you and Robert connected on that big pass?
A: "Everybody would have probably fed off that catch. The offensive line probably would've been blocking harder and the running backs would've hit the hole harder. I take full responsibility. It was just a lack of concentration on my part."

Q: Do you feel like you can make the big play this season?
A: "Consistently. I have no shadow of a doubt. The big play is in me. I was a big player coming in and I shall leave as a big player."

Q: What is the difference between Jacory Harris and Robert Marve?
A: "The only difference is that Marve has been here a year. They ran different offenses in high school but both of them dominated."

Q: How much fun are you having during spring football?
A: "I'm having a lot of fun. It's like I'm a kid again out there playing in the park with no worries. The only thing I got to worry about is studying for tests. Football wise everything is smooth operator and school is too. I'm just making it happen."

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