Youngblood speaks highly of team's OL

Reggie Youngblood was a five-star prospect coming out of high school and Canes fans are hoping he lives up to that billing as a senior this season. caught up with him after practice Wednesday to discuss the latest.

Q: How has spring practice been going for you so far?
A: It has been going good. I am just coming out here and competing every single day. It has been my best spring ever so far.

Q: What about it has made it your best spring?
A: I am just doing the little things better. I am more focused and it is showing. I am practicing harder and that is helping me. I am really focused at my craft.

Q: How was the experience of going through your first scrimmage this spring?
A: It was a lot of fun. We scored on the first drive and that was a big confidence booster for us. That is a good sign to do that vs. our defense, who are always one of the best units in the country. The first scrimmage went well.

Q: How was the offensive line been progressing?
A: It is coming along well. We have some young guys that are really stepping up. Joel Figueroa and Harland Gunn are coming along real well. We are really gelling as a unit.

Q: What are your expectations for the offensive line this year?
A: I really believe we can be one of the better lines in the country, not just the ACC. The way the young guys are playing we look good. Those young guys at guard and Orlando Franklin complement the tackles real well.

Q: How is the competition at center been?
A: It is coming along well. They are rotating every day and getting different looks at the players. Tyler Horn has really progressed for being such a young guy. Xavier Shannon has been doing well also.

Q: How is the depth on the offensive line this year?
A: I think we had more depth last year, but we will be fine. We have a really good group of guys here right now. We have at least one solid back-up at every position.

Q: What are your goals this spring?
A: I just want to get better everyday and help lead this team. I want to focus on every snap and be the best player I can.

Q: How are the quarterbacks coming along?
A: All of them are playing well. The three of them are playing older than what they are. They are really coming along well.

Q: What weight are you at right now?
A: I am at 312. I was 304/305 during the season. I am comfortable at 312. I think that is my best weight.

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