Joseph feels like a new man

Joe Joseph has added nearly 20 pounds of muscle since last season because he thought he was too small to play defensive tackle last year. He talked about the transition has made his game a whole lot better. He talked about that and other things after practice Wednesday with

Q: What is your weight at right now?
A: I am at 300/305 pounds right now. I played at about 275 last year. I was just too light last off-season. I could have gotten a little stronger, but I thought adding a lot more weight would really help.

Q: How has the added weight affected you?
A: At first, it was hard. I think my body is really starting to adjust to it though. I was motivated to get bigger, because last year when I got in game I felt I needed extra weight.

Q: How were you able to put on so much weight in a short off-season?
A: I ate a lot when I went home. I trained hard in the weight room also. I did not really eat anything different. I just ate a lot more of everything. It was not anything crazy. I just loaded up on bread and pasta.

Q: How are the defensive tackles progressing?
A: It is going good. We are going to be a good group. Marcus Forston is really coming along. He just needs to keep working. As a whole we should a lot better than last year.

Q: How are the defensive ends coming along?
A: They are doing well. Allen Bailey is doing some special things considering it is his first time playing the position. Moncur should have a big year and as a whole they are getting better every day.

Q: What things do you see from Coach Young's defense that you did not see last year?
A: It is a lot of different thing. It is really a whole new defense. It is just a whole different scheme. We are showing a lot more looks than we used to and trying some new stuff.

Q: What are some of the new things?
A: We have a lot more movement. We move around before the snap. For defensive lineman defense is still about stopping the run and getting after the quarterback though. That is never going to change.

Q: What are your goals this spring?
A: I want to lower my pads level. I want to work on reading blocks and using my speed better.

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