Hill breaks down the receivers

First year receivers coach Aubrey Hill isn't far along in his job with the Hurricanes but he's had plenty of time with his new receivers this spring and he broke down all of them and what they each bring to the table after practice on Wednesday. CanesTime.com has it all and you definitely don't want to miss this!

Q: How has your transition to the University of Mimi been so far?
A: I am still learning the offense like some of our players. I am try to learn how the flow of practice is going. Coaching receivers is the same everywhere. For the most part I feel very comfortable here, but I am still learning.

Q: How are the wide receivers developing?
A: We are getting better. I thought there were some good things before spring break and we are back now and trying some new stuff. We are on pace to be a good group.

Q: How has Jermaine McKenzie been doing this spring?
A: He has been doing well. Before he got hurt, he was having a good spring. He catches the ball well and is doing a good job of learning the system. He is one of a bunch of guys competing for playing time.

Q: How has Aldarius Johnson's transition been so far?
A: Aldarius is a very skilled young man. He catches the ball very well and runs well after the catch. He has good size and he is a smart kid. He does a lot of things well. He is trying to overcome that the guys he are facing now are a lot bigger than the competition in high school. There is still a learning curve he has to go through, but at the same time you can tell he is going to be a good receiver.

Q: How has Sam Shields performed this spring?
A: Sam has been very consistent so far. He has been coming every day ready to work and keeping his mouth shut. He is playing very good.

Q: How was Leonard Hankerson played now that he has a year of experience?
A: Leonard has been doing well. He has moved around a lot this spring. He is playing a lot of different spots. He catches the ball every day that he is out here. He is a smart kid and he has the chance to make a lot of plays for us.

Q: How is Kayne Farquharson performing?
A: He is doing well. He makes plays some days and then he lets some slip away. He has been inconsistent at times. He is acting accountable though.

Q: Khalil Jones stressed that he wanted to become a leader and really help the receiving core. Has he assumed that role and how is it going?
A: He has been outstanding at it. He is always the first one here and the last one to leave. He is very vocal and he is always the first one to drills. I am very excited about Khalil Jones.

Q: When the new receivers arrive in the fall how good is this group of receivers going to be? (The question brought a smile to Coach Hill's face)
A: What I am looking for is competition and I do not want there to be one day that a guy can relax out here. I do not want anyone to come out here thinking the job is his. I want them to know that everyday there is someone behind you trying to take your job. I think that is really going to help the offense.

Q: There has been a lot of rotation at wide receiver the last couple of years. Is that something you guys want or would you like to see a set group of 2 or 3 guys emerge?
A: I just want the most competition possible. The more guy that play the better it is for them team. We want more than 3 guys playing because if you stick with 2 and some gets hurt then you have to integrate a new wide out. I want everyone to play as long as he is as good as the guy in front of him.

Q: Do guys feel any extra pressure because of all the new talent coming in at wide receiver?
A: They should and I want them to. I want them to feel competition and I want them to feel pressure. The best and the most consistent guys will play. I want them to go to sleep worried that someone is going to take their job.

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