Barrow talks about linebackers

Micheal Barrow is in his second year as the Hurricanes linebackers coach. talked with the former Miami and NFL standout about how the linebackers are looking this spring.

Q: How have the linebackers done so far this spring?
A: "All of them are getting better. They're all learning what were doing on defense. They're learning technique, fundamentals, and schemes. They're all doing great."

Q: What do you think of Sean Spence?
A: "Sean has a scholarship to the University of Miami , one of the best universities in college football. He's the best of the best. He's a playmaker. He gets to the ball and has great instincts. He's very intelligent. He's a guy that's been acting like he's been here for years. For a guy to come in mid-year like that, he's able to pick everything up. He knows the game. His dad is a football coach and he's a student of the game. He just makes plays."

Q: How's Arthur Brown doing?
A: "He's doing good. He's a guy that hasn't really been exposed to a lot of the game. He's a guy that in high school it was pretty much just line him up and get to the ball as opposed to Sean who was taught the fundamentals inside and out. Arthur is coming early and playing well. I'm very happy with his progress."

Q: What do you think is the biggest adjustment an early enrollee has to make?
A: "The biggest adjustment for all incoming freshmen is adjusting to the tempo. The tempo of the game and the tempo of practice. A lot of times, they don't practice with the intensity that we practice with. The size and speed of the players, and learning the defense. All of those adjustments are big. For some of them, it's like being in a foreign country but with someone like Sean, like I said, it's like he's been here for years. His coaches in the past and his dad did an excellent job of preparing him for this moment. He's come in and is making a smooth transition."

Q: How do the older guys help out the younger ones pick things up?
A: "All our guys help each other in one way or another. On and off the field, we're a family. Everybody helps and everybody plays a role in making guys better players and better people."

Q: How's Spencer Adkins fit in so far this spring?
A: "He's doing great. We call him Megatron and he's transforming really good. He's making plays out there and banging people around. He's playing middle linebacker right now but he's a guy that can play all three spots."

Q: How happy are you with the linebackers so far this spring?
A: "There's always room to get better. I told them today, ‘Either you get better or you get worse. You never stay the same.' Every day we've got to be committed to being the best and we are. The guys want to be the best. They're putting in the time and doing everything they can to help this team win."

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