Sharpton: LB's looking real good

The University of Miami has had plenty of talented linebackers and Darryl Sharpton is one of the many supreme talents at The U today. talked with Darryl about how the spring is going and how the new defense is looking.

Q: How is your spring going?
A: It's been going pretty smooth. I'm just working hard and getting to know Coach Young and his system. I've just been working hard like I always do.

Q: Has it been difficult to learn the new defensive system?
A: Not at all. We have really good coaches that teach us everything in detail. We're working hard and always meeting with the coaches. They're doing a really good job teaching us everything. It's been a smooth transition.

Q: What do you think about the new system?
A: I like it a lot. I think we're going to be really competitive with it. We're mixing what we already know with what's new. I think we're going to be really explosive.

Q: How are the linebackers looking?
A: We're looking good. We've got a lot of good smart linebackers. Arthur Brown came in here with a lot of good technique and power. Sean Spence is real smart and real fast. Spencer (Adkins) and (Glenn) Cook are doing great. Everyone's looking real good.

Q: What spot are you playing right now?
A: Right now we're dong a lot of mixing up and putting guys in a lot of different positions. We're rotating a lot. There aren't really any ones or twos right now.

Q: How anxious are you guys to get the team going in the right direction?
A: We can't wait. I'm real comfortable with what we've got and can't wait to get out there.

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