Johnson enjoying strong spring

Aldarius Johnson started school in January and is having a strong first spring with the Hurricanes. spoke to him about how things have gone for him and the team.

Q: How has spring practice been going for you?
A: It has been going good. I am really starting to get a grasp on the offense. I just going out there and having fun every day. It has always been a dream to play at the University of Miami so it is going good.

Q: There was been a lot of talk about how well you are doing. How have you been able to be so successful so far?
A: I am just staying in the playbook. I am working hard on and off the field. I just doing whatever the coaches tell me. I guess I am just staying focused and that is helping me.

Q: How has the adjustment gone for you and your other Northwestern teammates?
A: It has been hard. We are all trying to get the hang of the game now that everyone out there is big and fast. We are just staying together and keeping everyone's spirits up. We pray for each other and work hard every day.

Q: What has been the toughest thing in the transition from high school to college?
A: The players are just so much bigger and faster now. Everyone here is a star. Every DB you face is a challenge. There is never a time where all you need to succeed is your talent.

Q: What are your expectations for yourself?
A: I am not going to say I want to start or play early or anything like that. That is for the coaches to decide. I am just going to work hard every practice and may the best player play.

Q: What are your thoughts on the quarterbacks?
A: I feel good about all of them. We are all in the same age bracket and we are going to get to play together for a few years. We are going to get our chemistry and just have fun throughout our college careers.

Q: What are your thoughts on the receiving core?
A: There is a lot of talent on offense. We have a lot of talent at receiver, tight end, quarterback, running back, and offensive line. I see a lot of talent at receiver and that makes me feel good. I know if I go down someone will step right in and make plays. I love those guys like they are my brothers. I feel comfortable with all those guys.

Q: What are your goals for yourself this spring?
A: I just want to work hard, stay focused, and stay healthy. I will do what I have to on and off the field. I just want turn into the best player I can be.

Q: What is your weight and height?
A: I am 6-foot-2 and a half and my weight is in the 210-215 range.

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