Zellner: We have good depth at TE

Chris Zellner has been around the program for awhile now and hopes to have a big senior season for the Hurricanes. He's having a solid spring and CanesTime.com caught up with him to talk about the latest.

Q: How has spring practice been going for you so far?
A: It has been going real well. I have been getting my blocking down and I have been trying to improve my hands.

Q: How is the competition at tight end?
A: It is real tough. Richard Gordon has been doing real well and Dedrick is out here running over people. It is going good right now.

Q: How would you describe each tight end?
A: Richard is just a beast. Dedrick is fast and just makes plays. I just go out there and do the dirty work and make catches. Daniel just got switched over today and he should be a receiving threat. We just make catches, make plays, and make blocks. We are trying to be one of the best group of tight ends this year. The most important thing is blocking for our running backs and quarterbacks.

Q: Do you feel the tight ends can be a consistent force in the offense and compliment the young receivers?
A: We feel that way. We have the ability to make plays and if the offense calls on us we feel we have ability to make the plays. We also think our receivers are going to be like that also though.

Q: How are the younger players progressing?
A: They have a lot of talent. They are picking up on things quick. They still make some freshman mistakes, but I am real excited about our younger guys. I am excited to see the group that is coming in, because if they are as good as the freshman that are here now it is going to be a special group.

Q: What are your thoughts on this group of quarterbacks?
A: They are doing great. They make mistakes here and there, but they show improvement everyday. Marve, Jacory, and Cannon are just out here getting better. They are competing and that is all you can expect from young guys. They are trusting the coaches and trying to help us win a championship.

Q: What are your goals this spring?
A; I just want to get better. I want to be a leader to the younger guys and obviously improve on my catching and blocking. I just want to compete.

Q: Are being used at H-back also?
A: We have all been mixing it up. We want to get the young guys a lot of reps there so we see how they react. We will not know until the fall about that position.

Q: What is your weight at right now?
A: I am between 245-250. I played at about 235 last year. I have really worked on gaining. Coach Swasey has really been working us hard. I feel a lot stronger and healthier.

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