Hill ready to help the team win

Ryan Hill, Miami's Special Teams Player of the Year in 2007, is having a strong spring and CanesTime.com caught up with him to talk about all the latest.

Q: How is this spring going for you?
A: It has been really productive. I am still playing the slot position. A lot of good things are happening. I am focusing on not dropping any balls this spring. We are doing a good job of that as a unit so far.

Q: What are your goals this spring?
A: I want to play more comfortably. Now that Darnell is gone guys have to step up. Me and Sam Shields are trying take on that role. This spring I am just focusing on playing more comfortably and knowing the plays to perfection.

Q: Have the coaches talked to you about playing cornerback?
A: I am definitely open. You hear talk about whether they need you here or there, but I am a receiver now. I want to stay at receiver.

Q: What are your thoughts about the younger guys at wide receiver?
A: Leonard Hankerson has a better grasp of the playbook because he has played a year already. He had a great practice today. He is playing out wide and is looking real good. Jermaine is coming along well. Aldarius is as advertised and I am waiting to see some of those other guys in the fall. I want those guys to get here and start learning plays to start building more depth.

Q: Are you still being used as a kick returner?
A: Yes I am. It is hard because I do everything on special teams. I am doing tackling drills and I am on kickoff coverage teams so I do not get that many reps as a return man. I am still working on that though.

Q: What is your weight right now?
A: I am at 198 right now. I was at 185 last year. I am still trying to get a little bit bigger. I just want to be ready to take on linebackers and safeties. I took a lot of hits last year and I just want to be able to take them.

Q: Coach Hill has said he wants to rotate his wide receivers. Are you comfortable with that?
A: Honestly I think that is the best thing. If you look around college football all the successful teams have a lot of good wideouts. You need to have guys ready in case someone gets hurt. Receivers also play a lot of special teams so you need guys to keep the position fresh. If someone goes down the next guy is ready since he has already been rotating in.

Q: What are your goals for next season?
A: I got special teams player of the year last year and I want to do that again the next two years. I take a lot of pride in that. I also want to play better as a wide receiver. I want to have at least 6 touchdowns. That is my goal right now personally. Mainly, I just want to help the team win. That is my main focus.

Q: What are your thoughts on the quarterbacks so far?
A: They are just like everybody else. Age has not affected them. They make some young guy mistakes, but they are doing a hell of a job. They are running the system real effectively. I am proud of them because they have a lot on their plate and they are doing real well.

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