3/26 Spring Practice Report

The Hurricanes continued practice on Wednesday as they prepare for Saturday's annual spring game. CanesTime.com was there on Wednesday and has all the news and notes from the practice.

Offense was in orange, defense in white today for the 'Canes.

- It was a star studded practice today. Kelly Jennings attended, as did big Vince Wilfork, who looks huge. Wilfork spent most of his time talking to Coach Hurtt, and Jennings predictably spent his time after practice talking to his nephew, Bruce Johnson.

- More and more players are staying later to work on little fundamentals. The linebackers and wide receivers worked on the jugs machine after practice, and the runningbacks did some drill work of their own on the far end of the field. Other then that, the day was pretty unremarkable as far as visual observations.

- Coach Shannon stressed the importance of taking things one day at a time. He said that yesterday the offense had a great day, and today the defense dominated.

- Interestingly, Shannon was asked about the defense being ahead of the offense at this point in the spring. His response echoed the sentiments that many fans have. He said "Well, I hope our defense is ahead of the offense at this point. I'd be really worried if they weren't". More detailed quotes below.

- Shannon also mentioned he was glad that the injuries weren't affecting spring ball.

- There is still no depth chart according to Shannnon, at least one he'll be willing to release. However, building on his injury comment, Shannon was glad that he has a 2-deep at every single position so far in spring. This will only get strengthened in the fall, where the rest of the very large 2008 recruiting class files into campus.


On the importance of third down:

"There's a lot of contact. There was a lot of contact today. We had some third down situations. We always try to end practice in the same types of situations. Performance was good today. We put em in third and long, third and short. Either side of the ball could have won. Just like in games, in third down you have to move the sticks to be successful, and if you don't move the sticks you won't be successful. I think that's the biggest thing in football, is when you get to third down."


"No, they're ahead. They should be ahead. If they weren't ahead of the offense we'd be in trouble. They're working and doing a good job. They're doing a lot of things. Yesterday offense had a tremendous practice and today defense had a tremendous practice so it goes back and forth on days. There's good competition."


"This is the first time that we're able to have a two-deep across the board. I'm knocking on wood right now. The receivers, the runningbacks, the linebackers, all those guys are healthy right now. O-linemen aren't really hurt either. It was a physical spring but a unique spring Because we didn't just have to play only 3 corners or 4 o-linemen."


"We moved Adderley to tight-end. We don't konw too much. We just want to see him at tight-end to see what he can do there. We're trying to find out so we can see if he can get on the field. It's a situation that he's going to have to respond to."

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