Washington talks about development

Chaz Washington is one of the many big defensive tackles the Hurricanes football team and CanesTime.com caught up with him to discuss the latest.

Q: How did practice go today?
Q: "It went well. We're just out there competing and fighting like we always do. This is the U baby. We've got to compete and fight every day."

Q: How is the defensive tackle rotation looking?
A: "It's looking real good. We're all doing real well. We've got a freshman, Marcus Forston, in there. He's working his butt off. Joe Joseph and Antonio Dixon are working their butts off too. We're just trying to get better every day."

Q: Where do they have you playing?
A: "Right now, I'm the second team right defensive tackle. I've just got to keep fighting and keep working. That all I've got to do. I've got to work hard. This is the U. I've got to work."

Q: Who are you playing behind?
A: "I'm behind Joe Joseph. He's an incredible player. He moves his feet and gets great pad level. I'm competing with him for a starting job. Right now it's me and Marcus on the twos and Joe and Dixon on the ones."

Q: What are you weighing right now?
A: "I'm at 320."

Q: What do you think is your greatest asset at defensive tackle?
A: "My greatest asset is my feet and my quickness. I want to improve and get more explosive though."

Q: How have you developed from day one at Miami to today?
A: "I have developed a tremendous amount. I've gotten a whole lot better. I've gotten better with my hands, feet, pad level. There are four things we go over every day as defensive tackles. Hands, feet, pad level, and speed. I'm working real hard at that and getting better every day."

Q: How do you like coach Young's defensive scheme?
A: "I love it. It's the best out there. We're working hard with our new defensive coordinator. He's a great coach. We're working hard out here. Really hard."

Q: How anxious are you guys to turn it around after a 5-7 season?
A: "We're real anxious. We're ready to get a national championship or a BCS bowl. We're ready to get one of those. We're working hard. We don't want to go home for Christmas. We want to be practicing during Christmas. We're going to work hard and show people what the U is all about."

Q: What are your goals for the upcoming season?
A: "Finishing. Finishing everything we do. Compete. Compete. Compete. We're all about competing and getting better."

Q: How has the defense looked so far this spring?
A: "The defense is looking awesome. We're doing real good. We're not busting as much. Everybody is working on their keys and getting off blocks and making tackles for losses, interceptions and forcing fumbles."

Q: How is Marcus Forston doing?
A: "Marcus is doing real well. He showed a lot of people that he can come in here and play early. He's got his head on right. He's focused and he's working hard."

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