Armour: New defense is great

Carlos Armour is a big, physically-gifted cornerback for the Hurricanes. The senior from Tennessee uses his physical abilities to jam wide receivers at the line and defend against the passing game. talked with Armour about this spring and the upcoming season.

Q: How is the spring going so far?
A: "Spring ball is going good. We've got a new defense and we've got it installed. We're putting it all together. The more we work at it and the more we run it, the better we'll get at it."

Q: How do you like the new scheme?
A: "The new scheme is great. It gives us the opportunity to mix it up. It mixes some man coverage with some zone blitzes. It puts the defense in a position to get the ball back to the offense."

Q: What unit do they have you playing on right now?
A: "It's a mixture. We're just rotating the ones and twos to see who has the best chemistry. We're rotating to see what eleven guys have the best chemistry together."

Q: Are you playing both in the slot and outside?
A: "Yes I am.

Q: Where do you feel most comfortable?
A: "I'll play where ever they need me to win. If they need me inside, I'll play it. If they need me outside, I'll play it. Safety, I'll play it."

Q: What do you think is your strongest asset at cornerback?
A: "I'd say my aggressiveness, my ability to jam and cover."

Q: You're the biggest cornerback on the team. Do you think you can shut down both tall and short receivers?
A: "I think it's just a technical thing. I think my jam is my strongest asset. I think technique helps me a lot as far as covering big receivers, small receivers and everyone in between."

Q: What has been the biggest improvement for you since your first day at Miami?
A: "Technique. Better technique and improving my body control."

Q: How anxious are you guys to turn it around coming off of a 5-7 season?
A: "Five and seven is not UM at all. We're anxious. As soon as last season ended, that's when the work began."

Q: What are the keys to success going into next season?
A: "Excellence. Team excellence and dominate across the board."

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