Coach Robinson breaks down the RB's

The University of Miami has a strong group of running backs this season and caught up with Tommie Robinson to talk about his current group.

Q: How have the running backs been this spring?
A: It has been going pretty well. Guys are competing and trying to learn some new stuff. We are putting guys in different positions and situations to see how they react. They are doing s good job of picking it up. They are doing a good job of competing and working hard.

Q: What would you like to see the backs improve the most on?
A: I would like to see them improve their toughness. I want the running backs to have linebacker mentality. I want the position to bring some toughness and nastiness to the offense.

Q: Have you seen signs of the guys improving on that?
A: Yes we definitely have. We are doing a good job of putting them in situations to breed that quality. The guys are trying to get tougher and are doing the things we are asking them to do.

Q: What have you seen from Graig Cooper so far and is his added weight making a difference?
A: I do not see a change in the way he runs. His quickness and speed is still there. He did not lose any of that. The added weight will allow him to take a few more hits and keep his body fresh. Running backs are like boxers, if you attack their body it takes out their legs. Graig will be able to take more of those body shots now.

Q: What have you seen from Javaris James so far this spring and what do you expect from him?
A: JJ is really tough. A lot of kids would not have played with the injury he played with last year. He is a tough kid. He is showing a lot of toughness and maturity. JJ has become one of the leaders of this football team. He has done a great job at running the ball, catching the ball, and blocking. I am real proud of how he is practicing and competing. He leads by example.

Q How has Derron Thomas performed this spring?
A: He is running well. He has good vision. He is just continuing to work hard and is trying to get better everyday.

Q: How is the development of Lee Chambers and Shawnbrey Mcneal going so far?
A: It is coming along. I have been pleased with their development. They have a ways to go, but they are getting there. I am very pleased with the running back group as a whole, but we have a lot of work to do. I am football coach so I will never be satisfied. I am always going to push them to get better and better.

Q: How are John Calhoun and Patrick Hill doing?
A: They are doing well. They are really focusing on learning their blocking assignments. I am pleased with their effort and if they keep working they will help us. They can add an element to the offense.

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