Coker Practice Quotes

Head coach Larry Coker took some time today to address the media with an outlook on Tennessee. He was pleased with the practice today and updates us on the injuries coming into the game on Saturday.

"If Tuesday afternoon at Greentree field was any indication, the BCS standings were the farthest thing from the minds of the Miami Hurricanes."

"I was real proud today, the guys flew around and the we had a really good practice out here today."

"The guys gave a good effort and that's all we could ask for. We feel we had a good start to the week."

"They have two good runners and we have our work cut out for us but the guys understand what needs to get done, we have to fill our gaps and tackle well if we expect to have success to have on defense."

"There were no major injuries, just bumps and bruises. I expect everyone to be ready to go Saturday."

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