Shannon recaps spring game

The Canes played their annual spring game on Saturday and head coach Randy Shannon talked about a number of things from the game. Read on to see what he's saying...

On some of the younger guys, including quarterbacks:

There were a couple of long runs today which you can attribute to Patrick and John blocking for us, and then you see some of the big play ability of Sean Spence, getting an interception early in the game and almost returning it for a touchdown, and then again at the end of the game. I'm really excited about that. And the quarterbacks played well today. I think there were three turnovers, which is unacceptable, but I think they managed the game well. They got the ball into Javarris' hands and they moved it around and moved the chains. We feel like we did a lot of great things.

On the wide receivers during the game:

I didn't think it was very good. It started off with Javarris. I think he dropped like three balls. Aldarius dropped a couple passes, but then we responded and made a couple plays. The thing that is amazing about it is we didn't have a problem all spring. At Traz Powell, they made a lot of plays, and on Greentree, they made a lot of plays. I think that more of what we have to do as coaches is get them out to scrimmages in the public and get them in front of fans, to get used to the crowd and things like that. I think that might have been a factor, because Khalil Jones had a wonderful spring, and then today, that was his first drop out of 15 practices. There are some things we have to address, but that's more from a coaching perspective.

On Quarterbacks:

I just keep going. We have 29 days of practice until the first game. We just have to keep going. That's what is great about these guys. They've watched film together, they go out and eat together, they lift weights together, they do everything together. They're like gym rats, and they're always in competition, but when they come on the sideline, they want to go say "hey, the defense did this, watch out for this blitz, or look out for this next time", so we're surprised at the way they've gotten along.

On Antonio Dixon:

The more he can make plays, the better off we'll be. He's lost about 10 lbs, but we still need him to lose about another 8 lbs.

On Arthur Brown:

He's doing a nice job, but all the linebackers have been. Darryl Sharpton flew around, Arthur flew around, Sean Spence flew around, and all those guys played well.

On Graig Cooper and Javarris James:

Sometimes it is easy to just go to them, but then when they start sneaking coverage up, the linebackers start jumping coverage, you see if you can throw a deep ball behind, a curl route behind them. If we can do that on third down it'll open up the passing game.

On Kicking:

Field goals were pretty good. I think Bosher missed one but everything else was ok.

On Arthur and Sean Spence coming for the spring:

I think the thing that helped them out is that they came in during the spring and lifted weights, got used to the tempo of the game, and learning the defense. That has played a tremendous part, because when you come back in the fall, you've got to get used to the living facilities, the weights and two-a-days and all of those things and you can get discouraged.

On Shawnbrey McNeal's catch and run:

That's the thing, I think the quarterbacks have done a nice job of. If you look at the quarterbacks stats, you're going to see that they threw for a lot of yards, but the longest pass attempt was only about maybe 6 yards of 5 yards (Editor's Note: It is 12), but they put it in the playmaker's hands.

On his confidence level going into the fall:

I'm always confident in what we do. We just have to keep doing the things we need to do on the field and make sure we don't put the pressure on one guy to win a game. We have 11 guys on offense and 11 guys on defense. The guys on defense have to make plays and the guys on offense have to make plays. We have to do our job as coaches to make sure we keep those things in perspective.

On his trip to the Middle East:

It's an opportunity to support the military and everything from that standpoint, and I think that myself and other coaches who are going really believe in what the United States Armed Forces stand for, and we're excited about going.

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