Nix: QB's need all the reps they can get

Patrick Nix's offense generated two touchdowns, 364 yards, 19 first downs, and four field goal opportunities in the annual spring game. spoke with Miami's offensive coordinator to get his thoughts on the scrimmage.

Where is the quarterback play right now?

"It's an impossible question to answer right now. We've got freshmen that need all the experience they can get and all the reps they can get. They all had a good spring. Now it when we find out what they'll do from here. Who's going to work on it from this point until next fall. We'll find out who can separate themselves and get better and who's willing to put the man hours in to get it done."

Was it your goal to put them in as many different situations as possible?

"That was definitely our goal. At the end of the scrimmage there's no sense in going to the two minute offense but you want to see every one of them in a two minute situation. You want to give them as many reps as you can. Kneeling on the ball at the end of the first half with five seconds to go, we could have easily gone to the half but we needed that rep. We had guys in there who had never run our victory formation. Just little things like that all spring. You forget that these guys are 17 or 18 year old freshmen that have never been through some of these things that we just take for granted. As many opportunities that we had to get them into different situations we tried to do."

Last year's receivers were inconsistent and today they had some drops here and there. Does that concern you at all?

"I thought it was a pretty good day today. A lot of times are blamed when it's a bad throw or we might not have the protection and have to throw it early. To the average spectator out there, they think it's all the receiver's fault when it could be a lot of different things. The receivers had a good spring. They all did very good. We've got a lot more depth than we've had since I've been here. That's a good thing. They've made a lot of big plays throughout the spring."

How far ahead are you this spring compared to last year?

"It's a total different offense right now because you've got totally different personnel. We're trying to do different things with different people. I think that in a lot of scenarios we're ahead because it's not a foreign language to them. A lot of the guys understand what we're saying and what we're doing and what we're trying to get done."

Last season Cooper and James were big weapons for you guys and they had some success again today. Are they still your main weapons?

"They make plays and we know that. We've limited both a lot this spring. We limited JJ today. We didn't put him in the backfield really at all but I'm not a dummy. We'll still find ways to get him the ball. When he does, he makes plays. It's good to have both of them and be able to do that."

What do you like about Robert Marve and what he brings to the team?

"I like all of them. I like what each one of them brings. I think all of them bring a lot of smarts and competitiveness. They're very accurate and all of them can move. They can all run our offense and do the things we want to do which is very important."

You guys got the ball to the running backs a lot today. Is that an emphasis of the offense?

"No, I think it's just the way the reads are right now. If you look at last year, we got the ball to them a whole lot I n certain games because we handled the ball to them a whole lot. This year, our quarterbacks have done a very good job of finding them in check downs and getting it to them in space as a receiver instead of just handing the ball to them."

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