Hill discusses WR's performance

Aubrey Hill's wide receivers had an inconsistent performance at the spring game. Kayne Farquharson led all wide receivers with four catches for 29 yards to put him third in yardage for the game. Read on to get Coach Hill's assessment of the spring game.

The receivers had a bit of a tough day today. What do you think happened out there?

"I thought some of the guys had a little bit of jitters. Obviously, there were some balls that definitely came off our hands. At the same time, whenever you get them in a situation where they're in front of people or under the lights, it's an opportunity to see if they can handle the pressure."

Would you like to have a guy to step up and be your go to receiver?

"I think that will happen on its own. I'm more concerned with the group. One guy will naturally be the guy who knows all the plays, one guy who will naturally catch all the passes, one guy who will go deep, and one guy who you go to on third down. I'm not trying to count on one guy I'm trying to count on the group."

Freshmen all around the country step into big roles every year and a lot of people think Aldarius can make that impact. Do you think that's unrealistic?

"No, he's competed with those guys. He's made some plays. He's a smart kid. He's a football player. I think he'll be fine. How much better he gets will depend on how hard he works in the summer, how he handles two-a-days and how he improves from game to game."

Kayne did a pretty good job of catching the ball today and the quarterbacks seem to be comfortable throwing to him. Do you think he can be the reliable guy to throw to on third down?

"You throw the ball in his area and generally he'll make the play."

Would you like to see more from Sam Shields? He didn't do much today.

"It's interesting that you say that. Yeah, we wanted him to make some plays today but at the same time he's made plays all spring long. I don't want to overanalyze it and say he didn't make any plays today because we will game plan to make sure we get Sam Shields the ball."

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