Bill Young talks about his defense

Bill Young took over Miami's defense at the beginning of the spring and got a lot accomplished over the last month or so. caught up with the new coach to talk about all the latest. You don't want to miss what he's saying.

Q: What are your thoughts about this dense now that spring practice is over?
A: We feel good about them. We are not a finished product by any means though. We still have a lot of work to do. We need to get better.

Q: What areas would you like to see improvement in?
A: We need to improve on some mental things. We need to cut down on mistakes. We can not give up big plays and have a good defense. We need to cut down on those things, but those are correctable things and we will take care of them.

Q: What aspect have you guys improved the most on?
A: I can not really point at one thing. We have improved across the board. The chemistry and attitude on this team is great. Coach Shannon has done a great job building the chemistry on this team.

Q: What are your thoughts about the young talent on this defense?
A: We are really excited about our young group. The guys that graduate early from high school are playing well beyond their years. They have done a good job this spring.

Q: Are you surprised about the impact that Arthur Brown, Marcus Forston, and Sean Spence have been able to make?
A: I really am. You do not get guys that young with the ability to perform at that level very often. We are excited about them.

Q: Are you surprised that those guys are able to graduate early and be able to compete versus juniors and seniors?
A: I really am. Normally it takes a couple of years to get players to the level where you want them. I have been to places where I have had freshman come in early, but not at the same talent level that these guys have.

Q: Would you have any apprehension in playing the young players on Saturdays?
A: I would not. Those guys are definitely going to be in the mix. We have some other players who were not able to play in the spring that will be in the mix also. They have to do a lot of work in the weight room and film this summer to get ready for the fall. We have a lot of work to do, but the early prognosis looks good. The young guys are going to play.

Q: What were your thoughts on the defensive performance Saturday?
A: I thought we did ok. We gave up 29 points and that is way too much, but at the same we made some big plays. We surrendered some big gains because of poor leverage, missed tackles, and bad angles. Those are things we will get straightened away before the season.

Q: Were you pleased that defense was able to force 3 turnovers on Saturday?
A: That is my number 1 thing. I want to score on defense and if we can not do that we need to force turnovers. We did a god job in the spring game. We want to lead the country in forced turnovers.

Q: How would you rate the pass rush effort on Saturday?
A: We lost containment a little bit. I made some calls that put us out of leverage, but those are things we will correct. We did a good job at times.

Q: What are your thoughts on Antonio Dixon's performance in the spring game?
A: He made a lot of plays. We had a lot of guys make plays. The offense is getting better everyday and providing great competition. It has been a battle out there everyday.

Q: What were your thoughts on the performances of Arthur Brown and Sean Spence on Saturday?
A: I was very impressed. They did an excellent job. We have been talking about how you rarely see guys that young step up so early in their careers. They are still supposed to be in high school. We are very proud to have them around and they are going to be good players.

Q: What types of things were you trying accomplish on Saturday?
A: We worked on coverage. We were mainly in quarters and cover 2 today. We mixed in some cover 3. We did not pure man on one snap today. We were pretty limited in what we were doing. We wanted to keep some stuff secret.

Q: What are your thoughts about the defensive tackle position?
A: We are happy about that spot. We have guys like Jeremy Lewis that we are excited about. We will play the best players regardless of age. We had a good group of 4 this spring and have more guys to provide competition on the way.

Q: What are your thoughts on Eric Moncur?
A: He is going to be a great asset. He is a great talent that should have a successful season.

Q: Is the speed at Miami all is made out to be?
A: It certainly is. We have a lot of speed. That is really going to help us in our ability to blitz. Corner is really going to be a solid position for us. We are excited about some of the things we are going to be able to do.

Q: What linebackers do you think have the ability to be great at blitzing?
A: Sean Spence is one of them. He has a way of getting home. He slips by guys and gets to where he needs to be. Daryl Sharpton is one of those guys also. We use him all over the field and try to feature him in that way. We think all our guys have the ability to do it.

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