Harris talks about spring, QB competition

Jacory Harris just completed his first spring practice at Miami and CanesTime.com caught up with him to talk about a number of topics. Read on to see what he's saying.

Q: How was the experience on playing in front of 11,000 fans on Saturday and how will you adjust to some of the bigger crowds you will see this season?
A: It was a lot of fun. I played in front of a road crowd of 45,000 in Texas and I played in front of big crowds in states, but it is always nice to play in front of your home fans. I had to adjust to playing in front of so many people, but it was not an issue. I expect it to be the same way in college.

Q: How much of the offense did we see?
A: I would say that was about half the offense. You did not see all of it (Saturday). We only put in half the offense for (Saturday).

Q: Do you think there is more focus on throwing to the running backs this year?
A: Yes I do. Our backs are great receivers so I am sure you will see more of that. They have great hands and run great routes. I am going to get the ball to whoever can make plays whether it is backs, receivers, or tight ends.

Q: What has impressed you the most about Graig Cooper and Javarris James?
A: Their leadership has impressed me the most. They are great leaders. They are also great at catching the football. At Northwestern, we had backs that could run, but when you throw the ball to them they kind of juggled it. It has surprised me how good the running backs are at catching the ball here.

Q: Was there more of an emphasis on running the ball on Saturday's scrimmage than there was at the Traz Powell scrimmage?
A: We had to give everyone a chance to shine. The last scrimmage was an aerial attack. We wanted people to see that we could run and pass the ball.

Q: How tough has it been to adjust to a new school and a new playbook?
A: It is not that tough. As long as I do what my coaches tell me I will be fine. It had been a smooth transition.

Q: What are your thoughts on the QB competition?
A: It is really no competition. We are like brothers. We are just pushing each other to strive for excellence. We are always helping each other and may the better man win.

Q: Do you see it getting more competitive down the road?
A: It is going to get more competitive down the road. It just has to. If it does not get more competitive there is not going to be a good quarterback playing for the University of Miami . We are going to push each other even more in the fall.

Q: What did you think of Sean Spence's performance on Saturday?
A: I told Sean to not intercept the ball and help us out a little bit. I wanted him to tip it or just pat it down. He just likes to show off sometimes. He has done a great job this spring and the defense has really pushed us.

Q: What do you have to do in the summer to improve?
A: I just have to learn every bit of the playbook. I am just going to study film and try to improve on every aspect of my game. I just have to keep working and hit the weight room of course.

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