Chambers settling in at RB

Lee Chambers is one of five talented running backs at the University of Miami . The sophomore just finished his first spring practice as a Hurricane and was there to ask him how it went.

Q: How did your spring go?
A: "It went pretty well. I was out most of last season so it's been a learning process for me. I'm just trying to get better and help the team get better."

Q: How does it feel to be back playing football?
A: "It feels real good. I love the game. When you love something and you're just sitting watching and you can't participate, it kind of hurts a little bit. I'm very happy to be back."

Q: How are the running backs looking?
A: "Oh man, we look great. Even though we look good, there are still plenty of things to work on. We're trying to be great. We're still working. We look good as an offense but we're still working every day."

Q: What is your best ability as a running back?
A: "I would say my best ability is my vision. To be able to read holes and read blocks and all that."

Q: You're one of the guys that is factoring in the return game. How do you like that aspect of your role on the team?
A: "It's good. It's something I did in high school. Where ever I can help the team out at is where I'll play. Whether it's trying to block a punt or return them and try to score. It's a good thing. It's something I did in high school that I'm trying to add to the team here."

Q: How are you guys splitting snaps at running back and what unit are you on?
A: "It's just a rotation. We work together as a team. All the running backs, when we're in the film room, we all work together. To be honest there's no specific unit. You could come out here one day and be the first one up and the next day you could be the last one up. There's no specific order. We're just coming out here, practicing, working to get better and perfect the plays."

Q: Do you have any personal goals for the upcoming season?
A: "My personal goal is to get better and help my team get better."

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