Spence: I have the mental part down

Sean Spence was a four-star prospect coming out of Miami Northwestern High last year and now he has a full spring at Miami under his belt. CanesTime.com spoke to him about how spring went.

Q: How would you rate your performance on Saturday?
A: I felt I did well. I could have done better. I made a couple of big plays, but there is always stuff you can improve on.

Q: What was the best thing about the spring game for you?
A: The best part was getting to show the fans how we were playing. I wanted to show them what they could expect this fall.

Q: What did you see on your interceptions?
A: I have a knock for the ball so once I see the ball in the air I know it is going to be mine. I just ran after it and made the turnover.

Q: Does the defense winning spring game mean anything to you?
A: Yes it does. We are always competing. We want to win every practice. No one here can stand losing.

Q: How were you able to transition so smoothly from high school?
A: I am just working hard. Coach Barrow is always stressing turnovers and I really wanted to get one on Saturday. Once I saw the ball up in the air my eyes got big and I just attacked.

Q: What do you do to get better this summer?
A: I will be working with Coach Swasey trying to get bigger. I will look at the film from spring and find some things that I can improve on.

Q: What message do you think you sent the coaches this spring?
A: I hope I sent a good message. I just working hard and doing everything they tell me two. I just trying to get better and help us win.

Q: Do you feel more comfortable inside or outside?
A: I feel more comfortable outside, but like I said I will do whatever it takes.

Q: How will you adjust to the linebackers that return in the fall and the new freshman?
A: It is not going to change anything. I just going to go out there and compete like I do every single day. The coaches will decide our playing time.

Q: Was the experience of spring practice what you expected?
A: It was what I expected. I knew I had to get the mental part of the game down and I think I did that. I am ready for fall now.

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