Wieclaw: Adjustment was tough at first

Early enrollee Jake Wieclaw is competing with red-shirt sophomore Matt Bosher and junior Alex Uribe for the placekicking job. CanesTime.com spoke with the freshman about how his transition to college has gone so far.

Q: How did your spring go?
A: "It went well."

Q: How is your foot feeling?
A: "The foot feels 100 percent. I don't feel anything anymore. They've been doing a pretty good job of rehabbing me down here."

Q: What's it been like adjusting from high school to college?
A: "It's been different. In high school, I played receiver and did all kinds of other stuff. Down here I'm just kicking. It takes a little getting used to that and on top of that, kicking of the ground is a little bit different."

Q: How is the adjustment to kicking off the ground going?
A: "It's going good. The first week it was kind of tough but I've practiced more and more and now it's not."

Q: Are you only kicking field goals or do they have you kicking off as well?
A: "We'll see. I'm practicing everything right now but we won't have anything set in stone until summer or game day."

Q: How's the competition going between you guys?
A: "It's pretty thick. It's me and the other scholarship kicker. He's got a strong and accurate leg. It's a pretty tough competition."

Q: Do you consider it an advantage to come in early?
A: "Definitely. It gets you ahead of the game and ahead of the rest of the freshmen. It gives you a chance to compete in spring ball. It's a huge advantage."

Q: What do you have to do to be successful kicking?
A: "No misses. Just try and put everything through the pipes."

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