Bosher: The spring was a success

Matt Bosher will play a key role for the Hurricanes on special teams this season and caught up with him to discuss that and a number of other things.

Q: How was your spring?
A: It went really well. All the kickers are playing really well. It is going good.

Q: How are you being used in practice?
A: All the kickers are doing everything. We are all punting, kicking, and kicking off. We are all competing for each of the jobs.

Q: Would you be able to handle both kicking and punting?
A: That is up to Coach Shannon. I will do whatever the team wants me to do.

Q: What were your goals for yourself this spring?
A: I just want to meet the expectations the coaches have for me. Hopefully, we have done that as a kicking unit.

Q: How were you able to improve your punting throughout the season last year?
A: I became more comfortable as the season went on. I work on my drop and things like that. I just had to get everything squared away.

Q: Do you agree with Coach Shannon that special teams are as important as offense and defense?
A: I feel that way. We have the ability to score points. It is also vital in controlling field position. I believe that special teams are just as important.

Q: Who is the new long snapper and is Matt Perrelli still the holder?
A: Matt is still the holder. Chris Ivory and Jake Byrne are the long snappers right now. They are doing a good job.

Q: What are your thoughts on Jake Wieclaw?
A: He is a great kicker. It is great to have him here. Jake and Alex Uribe are doing a great job. We are all competing and having fun.

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