DB Has UM as Co-Favorite

This talented safety prospect has named two favorites and UM is one of them. He talks about what he likes most about the Hurricanes and what he and Coach Stoops have been talking about lately.

At 6-feet and 195 pounds, Syracuse (N.Y.) Heninger standout safety Travis Tolbert recently completed an outstanding senior season.

Although the team finished just 5-4, Tolbert had a great year. On offense, he had 425 yards and three touchdowns. Defensively, he had 111 tackles and 8.5 quarterback sacks.

"I tried my best," Tolbert said. "I gave everything I had this season but we were in a rebuilding process so it made things tougher. They'll get better."

Tolbert, who recently took both the SAT and ACT and is still awaiting both test scores, said recruiting has started to pick up lately.

"Things have picked up some," he said. "The schools that used to call occasionally are starting to call more often and I'm probably going to set up some trips within the next week or so."

So which schools are still on his list?

"Miami and Florida State are still the top two," he said. "They're my co-favorites. Both of them have started to call more and more lately too. I'm also looking at places like Auburn, Syracuse, and Boston College."

Tolbert, who has 12 scholarship offers, is anxious to take his visits to the two Florida schools.

"They both told me that they like to offer kids in person," he said. "Coach Stoops from Miami said he really liked my tape and he wants to offer me in person so I'm trying to set up a date. That would be like a dream come true. As of now, I know I'll definitely visit Miami and Florida State, but I'm not sure on the rest yet."

Tolbert talked more about the Hurricanes.

"I like Miami a lot," he said. "I've been watching them play and I think all the BCS talk is stupid. Are they trying to say that Miami's the third best team in the country? Please. They just need better competition. It's like they know certain teams can't beat them and they don't really turn it up until the 4th quarter. When the 4th quarter comes around, they can score at will."

The talented safety had something interesting to say about his two favorites, based on the game he watched between the two.

"The only team that had a chance against Miami was Florida State and look what happened," he said. "They gave it all they had and still couldn't get the job done."

Tolbert, who said he plans on taking December visits to the two Florida schools, talked about watching Miami in a few weeks.

"I'm going to their game against Syracuse as a recruit," he said. "I'll get a chance to see them up close and person and that'll be cool. It should be fun for me."

So who holds the upper hand between the two?

"Oh man," he said after pausing. "It's too close to call. I would need to take my visits and check out the atmosphere at both schools and I'd want to meet all the coaches and see where I am more comfortable."

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