Super DT Names Leader

This super talented defensive tackle prospect names two clear favorites with one holding the slight edge right now. Read on to find out his comments on both schools and more.

At 6-foot-3 and 275 pounds, Warrensville Heights, Ohio standout defensive tackle David Patterson and his team saw their season come to an end recently.

"We needed the last game to get in and we weren't able to pull it off," he said. "We had a 12-0 lead going into the 3rd and had a touchdown called back on a holding penalty. After that, everything went downhill."

Patterson finished the season with a team-high 93 tackles and 17 sacks. A full academic qualifier, Patterson also talked about the recruiting process that will now really heat up.

"I was talking to my Mom the other day about all this stuff," he said. "For a minute there, I was stressing this stuff and really trying to figure out the best place for me. But she explained that when the time comes, I'll know it. I can't sit around waiting for it, it'll just come to me and that's when I'll make a final choice."

Patterson said there's something else weighing on his mind right now instead.

"I really want to play in the All American game in San Antonio," he said. "I got a letter saying I was nominated but I haven't heard whether I made it or not. Kyle Wright, the QB going to Miami, told me he was selected already so I'm hoping I can make it. I really want to see how I stack up against the best offensive and defensive linemen across the whole country."

The standout defender will be busy over the next several weeks taking visits.

"I'm going to Boston College next week," he said. "I have Ohio State scheduled for their game against Michigan (Nov. 23), Maryland scheduled for December 6 and Florida for December 13. Michigan's trying to get me in too but I'm not sure because I can only take five."

So what's the current status for the talented lineman?

"It's still a top two of Ohio State and Miami," he said. "I'll say Ohio State has a slight edge at this time because that's the one my Mom likes the most. But Miami is definitely right there and it could go either way."

Patterson said he's been getting weekly calls from both schools and he often talks with each head coach.

"Whenever Miami calls, I usually end up talking to Larry Coker," he said. "He's a nice guy, I really like him. He's just calling to keep me interested. The Friday after my visit, Miami came up to watch my game and all that. I also talk to Coach Jim Tressel a lot. He actually called me last night. I like both of them a lot."

Patterson was asked what he likes most about each of the two schools.

"With Ohio State, it's the one my Mom likes the most, they're close to home, and I really think they're going to be good," he said. "They have almost their whole O-Line coming back, Maurice Clarrett coming back, Chris Gamble coming back. They should be really strong again.

"Miami loses six defensive linemen and they're going to need some guys that can step in there and play right away. Plus, I felt very comfortable there and I really like the players and coaches. It's a great atmosphere and Miami will always be good too."

The last time we spoke, Patterson gave me a detailed analysis on a potential game between Ohio State and Miami. With the two schools undefeated still, Patterson gave an updated version.

"I still think Miami would have the edge," he said. "I think Ohio State's defense could play them tough but I don't know if their offense is good enough to beat Miami. Plus, Miami's got a lot of team speed. Their skilled guys are big and fast and their defensive line is really deep and talented. It would be a great game, though."

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