Canes gear up for Friday's game

The Miami Hurricanes will face the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats on Friday in their first game of the Coral Gables Regional. Canes Time talked to Head Coach Jim Morris after today's practice to get his thoughts on Game 1.

Q: During the selection show, ESPN didn't mention Miami 's pitching as a strength. Do you think the staff feels like they're being overlooked?

A: "I think the hitting is what everybody's talked about even before the season because of our veteran guys. Pitching probably has been overlooked to some degree but not by me because you don't win without pitching. We've had solid starting pitching and a solid bullpen and that's something that's going to win for you."

Q: Chris Hernandez has been a phenomenal freshman and every year it seems like there is a freshman that steps up. Is playing freshman something you try not to do or do you go with your best regardless of experience?

A: "All of our guys have played as freshmen. If you go around the line up, everybody started as a freshman. It's just a part of it when you bring good players in. The way we recruit, we expect the really good guys to start as freshmen."

Q: With the Major League Draft coming up next week, do you think the timing is a bit unfortunate?

A: "You deal with it every year and it's better than it used to be. Pat Burrell found out he was the number 1 pick when he was at the on deck circle of the College World Series. The timing can't be any worse than that. It's just something these guys have to deal with. They've all dealt with the pro draft before so I think they'll be fine."

Q: What do you tell these guys about the draft?

A: "I just tell them that some of them are going to be happy and some are going to be sad because you never can predict what's going to happen in the draft."

Q: Yonder, Jemile, Ryan, and Mark have been a very productive infield this season. Is this the best infield you've ever had as a coach?

A: "I've had some really good infields but this team has the best fielding percentage out of all of them. That says they've done a really good job and they're good players. I don't like to compare players to be honest with you because I've had a lot of really good players."

Q: Enrique said he was getting the start on Friday. What was your thought process when making that decision?

A: "We're just trying to match up against the teams. We haven't decided the complete rotation yet. We're going to try to decide that by tomorrow. We're still looking at tapes."

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