Kyle Wright Report

This past weekend, I made a 6,000-mile plus trip across country to watch this super talented quarterback prospect and I came away extremely impressed. Read on to find out why I'm so excited about Kyle's future at Miami.

First of all, the stadium is in a great setting. It sits below Mt. Diablo and it was definitely football weather. Actually, it got pretty cold. It was about 58 when we got there and ended up down around 50, but it felt a lot colder!

Since I decided to watch the game from the stands with a fellow Canes fan, I didn't go onto the sidelines for a media pass. Therefore, we had to get there at about 5:15 for a 7:00 game to make sure we had tickets.

After the team ran out of the tunnel, Kyle immediately began walking around and high-fiving several teammates and making sure they're ready to go. During warmups, you could tell why Kyle is such a talent.

The game started really well for the Mustangs, as they got out to a 27-13 halftime lead. Sam Kellar (Michigan commitment) led San Ramon back in the second half and actually took a late 4th quarter lead.

With just 34 seconds left and 78 yards to go, Wright took over with his offense, down 4. He made two perfect passes down field to take a 2 point lead with just four seconds left, eventually winning the game. For the night, Kyle was 20-for-34 for 372 yards and six touchdowns. He probably also had close to 50 yards rushing.

Now on to why I feel as if Kyle's the No. 1 prospect I've seen in quite some time. His 6-4, 195 frame is very solid. Standing next to him, I could tell Kyle had the body to stand in the pocket and take a hit. He's thick, from his calves all the way up. He'll probably grow to be a 6-4, 210 kid in a few years.

Arm Strength: Outstanding. The ball is shot out of his release like a cannon and has tremendous velocity. He gets rid of the ball quicker than any QB on our roster right now and his arm strength is better than any QB on our current roster. Just in the first quarter alone, he made some throws (based on arm strength) that Dorsey has not made in 4 years here. He throws with excellent zip on deep out routes and has tremendous touch on his underneath stuff.

Accuracy: Extremely accurate. Perhaps the most impressive part is how well he can put balls in short areas. He has the ability to thread the needle extremely well. He's a 60+ percent passer in his career but you can see why when watching him play. It's just not the underneath stuff either. He throws a very catchable ball where only his guy can get it most of the time. He doesn't force throws but occasionally it will look that way, but I think it's simply the amount of confidence he has in himself that he'll be able to make the throw.

Delivery: Outstanding. His set up on 3 and 5 step drops is the quickest of any QB I've seen in 5 years of doing this. The time it takes for him to take a 5 step drop and get rid of the ball is faster than probably 80-percent of QB's starting in the NFL right now. His footwork is outstanding. He's always set and very balanced. Plus, he comes from over the top.

Field Vision: This is perhaps his best attribute. When you really focus on what he sees, it's easy to realize that Kyle is always one step ahead of everyone else on the field. His instincts are incredible as a QB and he always knows what to do with the ball. He goes through his progressions (looking at 2nd, 3rd, and 4th receivers) extremely well.

Running Ability: Wow, what an athlete. He's a legit 4.6 kid and runs extremely well in pads. When a play breaks down, he can get out of the pocket and turn 10 yards downfield very quickly. The only problem might be that instead of sliding or going out of bounds, he'll try to run the defender over, literally punishing them. I'm sure for his health, Coach Werner won't mind trying to change that a bit. But he's clearly a QB that can make things happen with his feet, much better than any QB we have now, especially Dorsey.

Pocket Awareness: Very strong. He was getting a lot of heat but he has such good instincts and such a quick release that he rarely gets sacked. He can sense in back there. Quick feet really help. On one play, he was getting sacked while looking downfield and in the process of being brought down, he was able to dump it off to a back that was waiting for a screen pass. Unfortunately, I think the refs made a bad call by saying Kyle's knee had already gone down. However, that was besides the point here.

Physically, he has the total package. He has a tremendous amount of talent. However, as we all know by now, the success of a QB in this offense and in college football today is all about the intantigbles. That's again where Kyle excels. He's extremely intelligent and always watching film. In fact, he was in the film room at 8:30 the next morning breaking down tape of his next week's opponent. He works his butt off and his teammates really like him. He's as strong a competitor that I've seen this year. When his team was down late in the game, Kyle was still in control. You could tell by watching his body language on the sidelines that the game belonged to him. He's very confident and never gets rattled.

I think he's a perfect fit for our offense and coming in January will give him a huge head start. I'm so excited about his future here, I can't say enough. To think that he'll have guys like Ryan Moore, Moss, Jolla, Parrish, and hopefully Caldwell to throw the ball to, I just can't get over this excitement level.

I had a great time and really enjoyed watching him. I can't wait till Kyle arrives at UM and starts competing for the job, something I think he can do as a true freshman!

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