Super DL High on UM

This talented defensive lineman has narrowed his list down and Miami has made the cut. Read on to find out what he likes most about the Hurricanes and where they stand.

At 6-foot-7 and 220 pounds, Denton (Texas) Ryan standout defensive end Jarvis Moss has not had the season he had hoped for to this point.

"We're in the playoffs, which is good, but I haven't even been playing much this year," Moss said. "I've only played in about six or seven games and I was sore in some of them. I'm about 70-percent right now."

Moss said he's trying to gear up for a strong run in the playoffs, but it's been difficult.

"I'm trying to chill right now because I'm trying to give my body a rest," he said. "I'm already in bad shape. I hurt my pelvic bone, my groin's bothered me a lot, and I'm trying to get healthy to make an impact."

Moss said he has even decided to forego his senior season in basketball.

"I'm going to get on the bicycle after the season and ride it until everything's fine," he said. "Plus, I'll keep lifting. It sucks real bad because I've never had to deal with injuries before and now this. I can't wait to be healthy again."

Moss, a full academic qualifier with an 18 ACT score, said his lack of participation this season caused a few schools to back off, but not the ones he likes the most.

"Some people ain't even evaluating me anymore," he said. "It's kind of interesting because the five schools that still call me every week are the same five that I like right now - Oklahoma, Texas, Miami, Florida State, and Florida. They've all offered me too."

Moss was asked which school he likes the most at this point.

"I really can't say just one," he said. "I really like Miami, Florida State, and Texas a lot. I'd say those are ones I like the most."

The standout defensive end talked more about the Hurricanes.

"I like them a lot," he said. "I mean, they're the Hurricanes. I've always liked the Canes. I'm going out there for my visit on January 17 and I'm looking forward to it. Coach Stoops, the guy who has been recruiting me, is real cool and thinks I would fit in real well there."

Moss said he plans on taking visits to all five of his favorites, then talked about what he will be looking for.

"I'm going to just evaluate them," he said. "I'm basically going to look at what kind of players they have there, what it's looking like at my position for the future, and how comfortable I feel around the coaches, especially the ones I'll be playing for."

Moss said he's aware of the fact that many people don't believe that he'll leave the state of Texas.

"People think since Texas does a good job of getting everyone in Texas that that's where I'm going," he said. "That's not it though. I have to go to the best place for me. I'm actually closer to Oklahoma than I am to Texas so I don't have the hometown favorite or anything like that. I really like Miami and Florida State and I want to check that out."

Reports have indicated that Moss and defensive lineman Xavier Lawson-Kennedy are cousins and may end up at the same school together.

"Naw man," he laughed. "We aint even cousins. I don't even talk to him that much. I talked to him over the summer a little bit. I have no idea where he's looking towards going."

Moss will be making his visit the same weekend as fellow defensive line prospects Bryan Pata and Moe Dampeer.

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