Super OL Favors UM

One of the top offensive line prospects for the Hurricanes, this key recruit talks about a variety of items, including giving his thoughts on several other prospects, why he likes UM so much, and other interesting information.

At 6-foot-3 and 325 pounds, Pompano Beach (Fla.) Ely standout offensive lineman Andrew Bain said he's inching closer and closer to his longtime dream.

"We're four wins away from winning it all," Bain said. "After we lost our starting quarterback against Deerfield, we had to wake up a little bit. Us seniors have been there so many times. I played defensive line as a sophomore and there were 10 sophomores starting at the time. We came close that year, we came close last year, and we want to win it this year."

Bain, who had 48 pancake blocks in the first eight games of the season before his coach stopped keeping track, is a full academic qualifier inside the classroom. He talked about the recruiting process as well.

"I have all five of my visits lined up," he said. "I got N.C. State on December 6, Miami on December 20, Ohio State on the 10th [of January], and I have both Florida State and Stanford for the weekend of the 17th. That'll go from Thursday through Monday."

Bain said he's been giving the recruiting process some long thoughts lately and things still haven't changed.

"Miami is still my front runner and it's been that way all year," he said. "I'm in a real good position because while I really have a chance to go a lot of places out there, Miami's losing a lot of guys this year and next year. I think they want to sign six and they want me to be one of them."

So what does the talented lineman think of the Hurricanes?

"Man, that's my team," he said. "I go to most of their home games and I even went to some of their practices leading up to last year's Rose Bowl. It's a great situation there. I talked to Coach Kehoe the other night and I asked him how early I could play. He told me it all depends on how fast you learn. He wants me to play guard."

Bain also talked about some other UM prospects:

Kyle Wright- "I met a quarterback from California on my visit," he said. "Kyle was a real good guy, real funny. He's a cool character and someone I would definitely like to play with."

Brian Monroe - "Everytime the kid from Gardens punted, I was like "damn!" He sure can punt the heck out of the ball."

Bryan Pata - "I really couldn't say who the best player I've faced is. I remember there was a kid from Central at the UM camp - Bryan. He was the best. He is quicker than everyone, he's stronger, and a lot more explosive. He's real tough to block because he's so explosive and doesn't give you much of a chance to block him."

Bain, who said his bench press is up to 455 pounds, said it's going to be tough for someone to knock off the Hurricanes.

"It's going to be hard because UM is 45 minutes from my house," he said. "My family can come to all my games. They play championship football. They have a good academic reputation. No matter what, I really can't go wrong. So basically, I don't know what it would take. Basically, they'd have to do one hell of a job recruiting me."

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