Fox: Team is a lot closer this year

Jason Fox will be counted upon as one of the veteran leaders of the team this year and he spoke about how the team has grown closer together this year and are holding each other more accountable than in the past.

Q: Last year was not a typical Miami year. What needs to change?
A: I think one thing that will help is the attitudes. In general, the attitudes are a lot more positive. We're coming together so far as a team, gelling over the spring and summer. I think we've come a lot closer as a team. That's only gonna help us out.

Q: Was there a leadership issue on the team last year and what steps have been taken to improve that?
A: There's what a lot of people think. There was leadership on the team. We probably needed a little more of it. I don't think you can blame last season because of that. We had a couple issues, making mistakes. As far as guys not being accountable as they should have been, a lot of guys have already stepped up, being more vocal, making sure we police each other. Our motto this summer was no excuses. Don't let anyone get away with not giving it their all.

Q: The new qyarterbacks are talked about a lot. Talk about them.
A: Yeah, I'm as excited as ever right now. The truth is, we have more than two guys. Everyone knows about Marve and Jacory but Cannon and Taylor Cook have shown great things, too. Camp's gonna be the deciding factor of which one or ones, Coach Shannon said two guys will play, will play. I've seen nothing but good things from them so far. They're all young and the only way they can go is to improve.

Q: Is a two-quarterback system tougher on an offensive lineman?
A: It doesn't matter. You are there to do your job. It varies a little bit. If it's a pocket guy, you know where he's gonna set up and you just gotta put yourself in the right position to block your guy. With a scrambler, you gotta know to be more in the face of your guy. If he's scrambling, you don't wanna let your end or linebacker make a cheap play on the quarterback. But they're there to throw the ball, throw touchdowns, complete passes. You're there to block for them. It doesn't matter who it is.

Q: How much can some of the young players help you?
A: What I tell young guys is about maturing and this isn't high school. You're not gonna come out and be great. It's gonna take time in the film room, in the system, learning plays. You gotta know your opponents just as well or better than they know themselves. It takes a lot. It's hard for an 18 year old to do that by yourself. It takes a lot, he needs to grow up and mature. There's more to this game than the physical part of it.

Q: The past is gone. You have to earn your respect at Miami.
A: You don't wanna think about the past. You obviously wanna get back on top and everything but you don't wanna dread about losing seasons. You can't completely focus on the good seasons way back when. It's all about preparing yourself looking forward. When you're looking back, I don't know how you can go forward. That's the only way we can even think about getting back on top.

Q: How much has Coach Shannon changed from last year?
A: I wouldn't say he's changed very much. He's the same, the way he carries himself is the same. He won't let others dictate the way he acts. Last year we had a disappointing season. He's not gonna change his ways because of that. He worked his way up the ranks, knows what it takes. It's just taking longer than it should have but he knows what he's doing and isn't gonna change for anyone because he knows what he's doing is right.

Q: How do you block out the memory of the last game at the Orange Bowl?
A: I'd be lying if I said that game didn't hurt. That was real painful. Every loss hurts but that game had so many former players, the city of Miami behind you. You wanna move on but it's always in the back of your mind. There's always the extra motivation for this season. Virginia's gonna have something coming at them this year.

Q: Give us your thoughts on the move to Dolphins Stadium.
A: Football is football. You can play in the Orange Bowl, Dolphin Stadium, a grass field, a parking lot, it doesn't matter. I think Dolphins Stadium is gonna be a great opportunity to start a new legacy there. It'll be a good opportunity for us to start a new tradition.

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