Moncur: We are being more accountable

Eric Moncur will be counted upon as one of the veteran leaders of the team this year and he spoke about a number of topics. Read on to see what he's saying as the start of fall camp gets closer.

Q: Last year was not a typical year for Miami. What needs to change this year?
A: The problem last year was we made a lot of mistakes on the field. This year guys are being more accountable, getting in the film room, in the playbooks, to make sure we limit our mistakes this year. We shot ourselves in the foot a lot last year and that won't happen this year.

Q: Weren't wrist bands made by the players to help hold each other accountable?
A: Yeah, we got wrist bands made. Mine popped in practice though. We used that all the time. Even if it's not related to football, we'd be talking and if someone made excuses, it's, 'oh, read your wristband'.

Q: How much can the young players on the team help the team?
A: The guys who came in early, I was impressed with all those guys who came in the spring. At certain positions I feel you need a year to develop in college. Some guys are way ahead of that. Marcus Forston, Arthur Brown, Sean Spence, all those guys will help us a lot this year.

Q: People say you've gotta earn your respect now at Miami.
A: We're held to a higher standard than most people because of the people in the NFL. But that's not us. They did what they had to do at the University of Miami and now it's on us. Coming here, you automatically expect that to happenbut it takes a lot of hard work and determination.

Q: How bad do you guys want to win for Coach Shannon?
A: It's not just for Coach Shannon but for ourselves. When it comes down to it, he's not the one putting on the helmet, the pads. We're doing it ourselves. I like playing for Coach Shannon and I've gotten to know him personally. I'd definitely like to win the ACC championship for him.

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