4-star TE excited about new UM offer

This four-star tight end prospect landed an offer from the University of Miami on Tuesday and he was very excited about it. He spoke to us about that and how it impacts his recruiting process. Read on for all the details.

Sheldon Richardson is one of the top overall prospects in the state of Missouri and the St. Louis (Gateway) standout is excited to get going again this season.

"I wanna go out with a bang this season," Richardson said. "We're setting the bar high this year and our main goal is to go out and get a state championship."

Richardson, 6-foot-4 and 275 pounds, made a very early commitment to Missouri in the summer of 2007 but that hasn't prevented other schools from recruiting him.

"After I committed, I kept hearing from schools like Kansas State, Arkansas, Iowa, and Iowa State," he said. "They kept recruiting me."

That's when Richardson wanted to take action into his own hands.

"I grew up wanting to play for Miami so I had called down there and I talked to Randy Shannon for a minute," he said. "He was telling me how they need tight ends real bad and stuff like that. So I called them back (Tusday) and I spoke to Coach Barrow, Coach Hurtt, and Coach P. They offered me a scholarship over the phone."

Richardson said he was excited about the phone call and described how it went down.

"All the coaches were talking," he said. "Coach Hurtt said he'd like to have me on defense at end and Coach P was telling me about how I'd play on offense and kick the defense's butt (laughing). They were all real excited and they had me real excited."

So what were Richardson's initial thoughts after getting an offer from the school he's always wanted one from?

"I'm not gonna lie, I was really, really happy," he said. "They're high on my list. I thought about de-committing right there. As much as I like Missouri ball, I like Miami ball better. I like Miami ball better than just about anyone else. I also found out what it's a private school and I never knew that. They have 13 kids per class. They offer both of the majors I'm interested in and they were number two in the nation in players who graduated. I always liked Miami but now I like them even more."

So what made the talented tight end so interested in the Canes in the first place?

"They send their tight ends to the NFL," he said. "Look at the last three that went. If you're gonna play tight end in college football, you wanna be at Miami. That's a better fit for me than going to Missouri. Ever since I saw them play in the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State a few years ago, I've wanted to play there."

Richardson considered himself a soft commitment to the Tigers and now that's probably even softer.

"I'm not really committed anymore," he said. "I mean, I still am, but I'm completely open. I committed to them when I wasn't really getting any looks as a sophomore. I was getting recruited by mainly D2 schools and that was a good chance to secure a scholarship."

The talented big man also plays on defense and he finished his junior season with 89 tackles and 17 sacks.

"I know a lot of people think I could play defense in college," he said. "The good thing about Miami is they put guys in the NFL, regardless of position. It's not just tight ends. It's everyone."

Richardson said he plans on taking an official visit to Miami later this year to see the school in person.

"Distance isn't a factor with me," he said. "My dad tells me not to worry about it, go wherever I wanna go. My brothers always tell me that I need to find a place that puts a lot of people in the NFL because that's a dream I have. I just gotta do my thing and find the place that's best for me."

Richardson talked about what he'll be looking for when it comes time to make a final decision.

"I'll look at the depth chart, how I fit into the program, how many people they put in the NFL, and basically wherever gives me a chance to feel comfortable," he said.

While Richardson may still be listed as a Missouri commitment, watch out for the Hurricanes as he was obviously very excited about the new offer he received on Tuesday.

Inside the classroom, Richardson claims a 2.3 GPA.

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