First practice: Observations

The University of Miami opened fall camp with its first practice this morning and was there. Here are some thoughts from day one.

Alex will chime in with his impressions later on when he gets here, but here goes.

The 'Canes came out in helmets and shorts with no pads. Offense was orange, defense was white.

I got there at around 8:10, they were warming up and doing position drills. I went over the linebackers first where Coach Barrow was giving everyone a series of drills to complete. They worked on giving a good forearm to release from a blocker, on lateral movement and packpedaling, and on coming out of their stance to explode in a direction. No one really stood out because it's pretty limited. The one thing I did notice is that while Jordan Futch is very fluid in his movement, since it was his first real practice he had to learn everything for the first time, so he took a little longer to pick some stuff up. I think people may have forgotten about him a little bit because he didn't get in early, but I wouldn't be surprised if he made a push. We interviewed him after practice and should have that up sometime this week. Interestingly, Kylan Robinson was lining up at linebacker and getting reps. So much for all of those rumors about being switched back to runningback. Looks like Bakas was right.

The defensive backs mainly did drills regarding coverage and catching the ball at its highest point. Nothing really to report here. I couldn't really tell if guys like Vaugn Telemaque were playing safety or corner.

I won't take all the observations so I'll leave some for Alex regarding Marve, Harris, and the receivers. The only thing I'll say is that I thought Taylor Cook had some trouble today, although he did hit a long touchdown pass, he also threw a pick and had real trouble making his reads quickly. Chalk that up to nervousness or whatever you want, because it was his first practice. Either way, I personally thought that the top 3 choices as of now all performed solidly. Cannon Smith had more zip on his ball than I remembered from the spring. Cook lined up at punter and got some reps there, too.

If I can think of anything else, I'll add it. Alex saw more of the scrimmages so he can give his thoughts on those. They had 2 going at the same time so it was difficult, but all the quarterbacks got plenty of reps today.

They held Moncur out of practice. Shannon wouldnt say why. Bailey was there and dressed but did not play.

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