Dixon focused on finishing

Antonio Dixon is one of the veteran leaders of the 2008 Hurricanes defense line. The senior defensive tackle is a force against the running game and will likely anchor the Miami defensive line this season. CanesTime.com spoke with Dixon about the upcoming football season.

You lost some weight coming into this year. How are you feeling at your new playing weight?

"I'm feeling better. I lost weight and put on more muscle. I've been conditioning a lot more so I feel way better."

You are one of the veteran leaders of the defensive line. How do you think the line will fare this season?

"I think we're going to be good this year. We worked hard this summer. Coach Swasey pushed us to our limits. We responded real well. I think we'll have a real good season."

You were able to play with Marcus Forston in the spring but a couple of other talented defensive tackles have recently arrived on campus. How have you been guiding the younger guys and showing them how to play defensive tackle at the collegiate level?

"I just try to tell them that the biggest thing is finishing. We do drills to work on technique. We run to condition. Everything we do, we try to finish it. I just get on them to make sure that they're finishing."

You have played your entire collegiate career at the Orange Bowl but are moving to Dolphin Stadium for your final season. How is this move going to affect the team?

"I don't think it's going to affect us that much. We're still playing in Dade County so it will be the same excited crowd. I think the crowd will be more excited because it's such a nice stadium. I love the Orange Bowl. I played my first game there. I'll miss it but you got to do what you got to do."

The first game is less than a month away. How excited are you to get back out there and turn it around from last year?

"I'm real excited. We can't wait to turn it around. I just want to play football."

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