Moncur sits out first day

One of the most interesting developments of Miami's first day of camp was the absence of senior defensive end Eric Moncur on the field. Read on for that and all the details from day one.

Coach Randy Shannon on Saturday's first practice:

Opening statement: Today was a pretty good day for us. We got a lot of reps in, had a great attendance as far as our season ticket holders coming out and supporting us, and we're kind of thrilled about it and everything else we got done today. We had some nice plays today. The defense flew around, did a lot of good things today. The quarterbacks, everybody said they're a major concern, but those guys did a great job because we kept repping them and doing a lot of good things out there. We're excited about it. The young guys did a good job today. Laron Byrd made some catches today. We're very excited about him, the way he's progressing. Offensive line-wise the guys did a fairly good job like we expected. We did some good things. Eric Moncur didn't practice today, Allen Bailey didn't practice today. Chaz Washington is out. Otherwise everyone was okay and going.

Q: Why didn't Moncur practice?

A: He just needed to do a little more conditioning/ He's going to play the first game. You have to take it in slow motion. Right now he's in that conditioning phase because he missed about four or five weeks of conditioning. You can't just throw him to the wolve and risk that he might pull something.

Q: Did Moncur have an injury, surgery?

A: Just we sat him out, that's all.

*Coach Shannon would not answer any question about an injury regarding Eric. He seemed fine on the sidelines working on some drills with a medicine ball.

Q: Is it too soon to be worried about the heat and humidity? A lot of guys were going down with cramps and things like that.

A: No, nobody's going down. We tell them to drink water all the time. Usually the first day you lose about 10 guys. Guys did a good job of hydrating themselves and JJ was the only guy I noticed that cramped up.

Q: How do you think the new freshmen did today?

A: Laron Byrd did some good things today. He made some great catches today.

Q: What about Taylor Cook?

A: Taylor, he did okay. He is a long ways away. It is going to take time for him. He is just behind the other guys.

Q: Do you have to be careful with these guys in the heat?

Shannon: No, it's okay. It's heat. You have to play in it so you have to practice in it. We give them 2-3 water breaks, hydrate them in practice. Our doctors do a great job of giving stress tests, physicals and telling us who can go and who can't go.

Q: How do you keep the intensity up tomorrow when the fans aren't out here?

A: You just go out and have fun with it. We do not dwell on what you did yesterday. The thing you cannot do is be stale. We will add one or two things so the players can learn and so we can keep them on their toes.

Q: Did Davon Johnson have a good day?

A: He did okay today. I am just saying the guy who stood out was Laron Byrd. Laron Byrd made a lot of great catches. We threw a tight end option route. The tight end caught the ball and Laron Byrd ran over the corner and that was a big play for us. He has great size, is blocking, doing those things. You don't teach a freshman to do that. It's just natural for him. So it was exciting to see him do that.

Q: How many players weren't here today that are waiting on the NCAA?

A: Listen, just count up the numbers on scholarship. See who is at practice and count the rest of the guys up.

Q: You can't say who wasn't here?

A: I want to make you all work.

Q: What if the media guesses and gets it wrong?

A: Okay, if I tell you guys you all give me a break? I need a break. Jeremy is out, Joe Wylie is out, CJ Holton, Gavin Hardin and Brandon Marti are out. We will not know anything about them until at least Monday.

Q: With summer school just ending could there be some academic casualties and guys that are practicing now that may not be practicing later?

A: I do not know anything about academics right now. We will know those things later.

Q: What do you think about Orlando Franklin's Mohawk?

A: Orlando does that every year. That's the way he gets fired up. Orlando always has something he has to do to get himself motivated. I like a little bit.It shows his nastiness.

Q: Why do you feel the offensive line is a strength?

A: Wehave a lot of guys returning. So that should be a strength of our team. We have more depth there than we do at other spots.

Q: How is Chris Barney progressing?

A: Chris Barney did a good job. He worked hard this off-season and did a great job in spring practice. We feel it's an opportunity for him to step up, because he's a junior now so it's his opportunity to play.

Q: What do you expect from Franklin?

A: Improvement off last year because he was a freshman. Being a freshman he was not used to the physical and mental things and he has to improve on it. We feel he's getting better on it. We have to stay on top of all these guys who played a lot last year because you don't want them to get too relaxed.

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