Johnson understands high expectations

Aldarius Johnson is one of the most talented freshmen on the team this year and caught up with the talented first year receiver as he talked about a number of topics and had a lot of interesting things to say.

Q: How is it having 6 of your high school teammates here now?

A: It is great to see. We worked really hard to get to this level and now we have to work even harder to be successful at Miami.

Q: Last year, Your team had to overcome having to practice in the summer without a coaching staff. How were you guys able to handle that?

A: We just all made a promise to look out for each other. We said nothing was going to stop us and we kept working hard and we got the results we wanted.

Q: When did you guys know you were going to go to college as a package?

A: At the end of our junior year. We talked about all of us coming in and turning this program around. Once we all got the offers we made the commitments.

Q: How did you guys get the mentality that losing was not an option?

A: Every day after practice we just said that losing was not an option. We were not going to lose. We were not going to let that happen. We fought hard in practice and we competed offense vs. defense. We would not accept losing.

Q: What is your mentality entering your freshman season?

A: I just want to win. I do not even care if I play as long as we are winning. I just want to work hard and do everything to help this team. I know I am going to get my chance. I just want to come out, work hard, learn the system, and have fun.

Q: What are your thoughts on spring practice now that you have had a few months to think about it?

A: It went well. It really gave me a chance to get ahead. It was a big challenge for me because of the expectations everyone has for me. Spring practice as the hardest thing I have ever had to do in football and it took me a while to adapt. You are not the most talented guy othere anymore and you really have to work.

Q: What did you have to work on since spring practice?

A: I had to get better at running routes and I had to get in better shape. I came in at 225 and I am at 200 pounds now. My route running is a lot smoother now and I feel I am a lot faster. Everything is more fluid. I felt a little slow in the spring with that weight. My body is responding to 200 pounds a lot better than 225.

Q: You have been talked about as a possible starter. Is that one of your goals this year?

A: I just want to compete and have fun. I am going to work as hard as I can and let the rest take care of itself.

Q: Are you expecting to play a lot?

A: I am expecting to play, but that is for the coaches to decide. I do not mind rotating. I need to learn the system better. I know all things come with hard work.

Q: Khalil Jones mentioned that he believes you will be one of the best wide receivers to ever play at Miami. What are your thoughts on that?

A: It is a great compliment and I hope I can make that statement true. It also reminds me of the expectations around me and just how hard I have to work.

Q: What do you think about the comparisons to past Miami WRs like Andre Johnson?

A: I cannot really talk about that until I get the chance to play. Once I get that chance everyone can decide if I lived up to the expectations.

Q: What are your goals at Miami?

A: We are not going to lose. Me and my teammates have talked about how we did not lose the last two years and we are not going to lose now. We want to win every time we step on that field.

Q: Do you guys talk about not losing a lot?

A: We talk about it every day.

Q: Do you feel there is more pressure on the Miami Northwestern players?

A: I do not feel any pressure. I like all the expectations and high hopes. I just want to go out there and give the fans what they want to see. I want to show them they have a reason to be excited.

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