Futch enjoying his time so far

Jordan Futch was a member of a very talented incoming freshman class at the linebacker position. He's one of three true freshman linebackers on the field right now and CanesTime.com caught up to him to talk about his experience.

Is it a relief to finally be out here?

It's a really exciting time. The coaches got out there, the players got out there, and everyone is looking forward to a great season. This is the first part of it and we have a long way to go, but we're working hard to get to where we want to.

How is the adjustment going?

Well my teammates, we always help each other out, and my teammates always encourage each other and they encourage me and so do all the coaches and all the fans who were there on Saturday. That's what it's all about, so everyone is trying to show what they got.

How good was it to be on the football field again?

It's invigorating, really. It felt great. Exciting isn't even the word, it's exciting to be out here with the coaches and to be able to wear the colors, orange and green. It's really exciting.

What do you think of the heat so far in practices?

We'll we've been out here all summer working hard, running, working out in the sun, so we're used to the South Florida heat and a lot of us lived in South Florida so we're prepared for it.

What's it like to work with Coach Barrow?

Coach Barrow is an awesome coach, he's a great coach with a great group of linebackers. It's really exciting because he's going out there and pushing us as hard as we can be.

Have you had some trouble adjusting or have you been able to make the transition smoothly?

Not really, we've got some of the coaches and a lot of the older guys teaching us. Glenn Cook, Daryl Sharpton, Colin McCarthy, Romeo Davis. All those older guys are working with us and helping us out so it's made the transition really easy.

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