Catching up with LaRon Byrd

LaRon Byrd has been one of the most talented about incoming freshmen so far during fall camp. He's already been singled out by Randy Shannon and has caught the attention of several other older players. caught up with the talented newcomer to talk about his experience.

Were you nervous on the first day?

Yea, at my high school we never had fans at practice and I looked out and thought "man, I got to make sure I catch everything". I try to concentrate on that and the whole receiving corps has been talking about not dropping a pass. That's why whenever we have a drop or missed assignment we have pushups to do. I've had a lot of pushups because I've made a lot of mistakes but I try to shake it off.

How would you measure your performance so far? What mistakes did you make?

I've had a couple mistakes, I missed a screen route I misjudged. The quarterback threw a great pass and it was my fault, a couple missed blocking assignments.

People have been talking pretty negatively about the receiving corps in the last couple years, how do you intend to turn that around?

We are going to turn it around. Our whole team is going to turn it around and our whole receiving corps is going to turn it around. Our defense is great, and our quarterbacks are great and will give the receivers good looks throughout the season. We're just going to progress and get better.

How competitive is it between all the receivers?

It's very competitive but each person wants the other one to win. If there's a receiver better than me and shows it in practice, than he is better than me and should play. We're all working together in practice and trying to get better.

How have you felt about the hype you've gotten so far?

It makes me really anxious because I have to live up to the expectations, you know? A lot of college fans are much more serious than high school. If they're reading the newspaper and it says "this guy is real good" and you come to practice and don't show that, it makes you look really bad, so we try to help each other out. The older guys are good leaders so they just try to help us out.

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